NJ Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Touts Fundraising Totals

Ciattarelli has raised over $280 thousand since his October candidacy announcement

Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli was the only Republican candidate to speak at the event.

Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli is running for governor.  Alyana Alfaro for Observer

Republican Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli is one of the declared candidates in the 2017 New Jersey governor’s race. He announced his candidacy in October and, according to a release from his campaign, has been aggressively fundraising ever since. So far, Ciattarelli has raised approximately $283,000, according to a campaign release.

“I am humbled and energized by the early and strong support by New Jerseyans who are rallying around my candidacy, including my five-point plan to reform our state and my pledge to lead us in an entirely new direction,” said Ciattarelli in a statement. “This level of fundraising is a very positive sign of real grassroots momentum.  I am eager to build on it in the weeks and months ahead.”

Ciattarelli’s fundraising puts him on track to participate in the state’s gubernatorial financing program. After raising $430,000 and spending or committing to spend a minimum of $430,000 Ciattarelli will be qualified to receive two dollars in public matching funds for every one dollar raised from private sources in accordance with the program regulations. According to the New Jersey Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC), “candidates who qualify for and receive public funds agree to limit campaign expenditures” to $6.4 million in the primary and $13.8 million in the general election. 

Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno announced her candidacy earlier this week but has yet to report fundraising totals to ELEC.

As part of his fundraising push, Cattarelli will hold a kickoff fundraiser in Somerville on Thursday. Republican leaders including State Senator Kip Bateman and Assemblyman John DiMaio, among others, are expected to attend.

NJ Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Touts Fundraising Totals