Social Download: Internet Reacts to ‘One Day at a Time’ and ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

One Day at a Time.

One Day at a Time. Michael Yarish / Netflix

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The Golden Globes aired Sunday night, and La La Land won big.

Ryan Gosling went all hey girl…

Much of the night’s attention went to Meryl Streep as she attacked Donald Trump’s character in a speech.

Twelve hours later, the inevitable happened.

One Day at a Time is Netflix’s Norman Lear-sanctioned reboot of the 70s comedy, and it’s proving to quite a hit with viewers for its heartwarming content.

Unsurprisingly, folks are particularly enamored with Rita Moreno’s Cuban abuela character.

The show is also being lauded for its LGBT/feminist friendly storylines.

In decidedly less heartwarming news, the revamped Celebrity Apprentice premiered this week on NBC, with new host Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Oh boy, what a catchphrase we’ve got on our hands.

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“Don’t be a follower. Let them follow you.” –Arnold Schwarzenegger 🥇 There’s a new boss in town, and his name is Governor Schwarzenegger. He’ll be doling out dreams to charities, capitalizing on catch phrases, and wishing everyone (but one) an “Hasta La Vista Baby”, along with a helicopter ride outta town. 🚁 #arnoldschwarzenegger #theterminator #celebrityapprentice #celebapprentice #newbossintown #youreterminated #hastalavistababy #gettothechopper #gettothechoppa #triviagame #elimination #realitytv #tvhost #thegovernor #shooart #opyart #doitfortheprocess #createeveryday #dailysketch #quicksketch #markersketch #illustratie #pigmapen #inkonpaper #dailydrawings #adrawingaday #asketchaday #yearofcreativehabits

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And because it would be simply un-Presidentlike not to, Trump had some things to say about the premiere, which had fewer viewers than his version of the show.

Terminate him, Arnold!

This show has unwittingly become a political statement in itself and people are drawing lines in the sand.

This about sums things up…

Social Download: Internet Reacts to ‘One Day at a Time’ and ‘Celebrity Apprentice’