The Beginner’s Guide to Throwing a Knockout Punch

Because you should probably learn how to beat someone up in 2017

If you’ve already broken your new year’s resolution (whoops) there’s still time to think up a new one before January is over. Why not choose a hobby that’s approved by practically every single Victoria’s Secret Angel? At fitness studio Box + Flow, founder Liv Young combines fast paced yoga with a few rounds of boxing against the heavy bags. The studio focuses on mindful movement, but it’s also an awfully healthy way to get your aggression out.

Young opened Box + Flow late last year, bringing her blend of backbends, burgers and boxing to Noho. In person, Young’s strength is astounding. Her tiny frame effortlessly weaves and flows, proving that boxing is about much more than just punching. If you do simply stand and punch, you’ll certainly feel it in your arms the next morning.

Instructor Cait Delaney. Kaitlyn Flannagan for Observer

Instead, Young recommends shimmying, moving your hips rapidly and treating the workout like a dance, all while breathing like a yogi. Young walked the Observer through a beginner’s guide to boxing alongside instructor Cait Delaney, explaining the proper stance and how to knock out your opponent. The Beginner’s Guide to Throwing a Knockout Punch