Tired of News? Head to PornHub to Watch Donald Trump Bang the Entire Country at Once

Our president is getting pretty popular on the site right now

A president and pornstar.
A president and porn star. Facebook

A lot of people are feeling disgruntled about Donald Trump’s presidency. To find solace, some have been trying to flee the country, some have been marching and making signs, some have been reading George Orwell’s 1984 and others, of course, have been drowning themselves in memes.

One thing that’s been going around the internet in typical meme fashion is what appears to be a screenshot of Donald Trump’s inaugural address uploaded to PornHub. The image shows it with nearly 200,000 views and the very fitting title, “Rich white man fucks the entire country at once.”

We couldn’t find the video on the site, so we asked PornHub Vice President Corey Price: was the video really on your site and then perhaps removed?

“The Donald Trump image was a video screenshot that someone turned into a meme, not a real upload,” he said.

But don’t be disappointed, because while this image is a fake, someone else really did upload Trump’s inauguration speech to the porn site.

This one is real.
This one is real. PornHub

Regarding the inauguration video we found on PornHub, Price told the Observer:

“We are not aware of this video being uploaded to the site, and as long as it doesn’t violate our Terms of Service, it is permitted.”

There you have it, folks. Head on over to PornHub.com to watch Donald Trump fuck the entire country at once. Or, you know, you could just read the news for the same effect.

Tired of News? Head to PornHub to Watch Donald Trump Bang the Entire Country at Once