How to Keep Skin Hydrated After Winter Workouts

Scrubs and beauty balms to throw in your gym bag

The Blue Cocoon.

The Blue Cocoon. May Lindstrom

If you’ve been managing to drag yourself to the gym this winter, you probably feel pretty darn good about yourself…except for the fact that your skin and hair are feeling a bit dehydrated. The more you sweat, shower, wash your face and put your hair up in a ponytail, the worse everything looks. The Observer talked to experts to find out what products will guarantee you won’t have dry, flaky knees (and a face to match) no matter how many downward dogs you do.

Epicuren’s Soothe Dermal Repair Balm is an easy fix, and it comes in a pot that is small enough to stow away in your gym bag. The allover balm feels like a gel, and can work on knees, lips or even under¬†your eyes, which is helpful if the wind is truly getting to them. It also dries quickly, so there’s not going to be a sticky feeling during class, especially if you want to protect your knees before lacing up your sneakers.

“Dry, cold weather and heating up your body can cause an imbalance in your skin,”¬†Heather Linberg, Epicuren’s Marketing Director warned. Linberg explained that the shea butter base makes it rich enough to use during winter, without feeling oily or heavy.

Captain Blankenship also offers natural products to re-hydrate after a workout. “Just as we tend to get parched this time of year because of the dry air, our skin also gets very thirsty for moisture. When we shower after workouts, we might end up washing our bodies or face for the second time of the day,” Jana Blankenship pointed out. “Showering, especially with hot water, will dry your skin. It is important to add moisture to it immediately [after] to compensate.”

Lime and coconut salty sweet body scrub, $32.

Lime and coconut salty sweet body scrub, $32. Captain Blankenship

While you can’t carry everything with you to the gym shower, a particularly powerful, grainy scrub is especially helpful to avoid flaking. Their body cream is another helpful, exfoliating product with a shea butter base small enough to be thrown int0 a travel bag.

The Blue Cocoon, $160.

The Blue Cocoon, $160. The Blue Cocoon

But the holy grail of winter products, perfect to throw into a purse for the second you’re done or to apply before hot yoga, is The Blue Cocoon. The waterless, waxless balm is a lovely shade of blue that will make you think of sipping a cocktail in a tropic locale, rather than drudging through the winter blues. It quickly melts to a blue fluid in your palm, but stays hard in the package, making it perfect for a purse. The magic ingredient is blue tansy, which is said to reduce anxiety. And, you can spread it on your lips and eyes for added hydration after class. How to Keep Skin Hydrated After Winter Workouts