Corrado Reacts to News of DiGaetano’s Rival Senate Candidacy

Running for the state senate seat in LD40, Passaic County Clerk Kristin Corrado said she wasn’t surprised to learn of Paul DiGaetano’s decision to run for the same LD40 seat she seeks. But she finds it unsettling that DiGaetano appears unwilling to part from his Bergen County Republican chairmanship.

“I absolutely have a problem with party chairmen running for office,” said Corrado, who plans in the coming campaign to emphasize the strides she said she has made on behalf of voters as Passaic County clerk.

She and her allies will have plenty to pick apart when it comes to her rival, who served in the assembly in the 1990s.  “He’s talking about conservative values while he has collected multiple pensions over the years,” Corrado jabbed.  She also cited a pension bump for public workers that DiGaetano backed when he served in Trenton.

“One huge difference between my opponent and myself is that as an assemblyman he voted himself pay raises,” she said. “I turned down a $10,000 raise six years ago and haven’t had a raise since. And I turned it down because it was the right thing to do.”

For her part, she reduced staff at the clerk’s office during her tenure, she told the Observer.

  Corrado Reacts to News of DiGaetano’s Rival Senate Candidacy