Learn Yoga Poses While Roasting Coffee Beans

The flow is followed by a tasting of cold brew, pour over, French press and drip

Just pair with yoga.

Just pair with yoga. Chaloner Woods/Getty Images

If you can’t do weekend yoga until you’ve had your coffee, a new version of Brew You Yoga might be calling your name (hopefully you can hear it, as it’s coming from way uptown—232 E 111th, to be exact). Leanne Maciel, who previously taught yoga surrounded by beer, is now offering a class at the Uptown Roasters Roastery, combining coffee beans and happy baby pose.

The one hour flow is followed by a tasting of four different coffee brewing styles (cold brew, pour over, French press and drip), plus a little lesson about the roasting process.

The Observer chatted with Maciel, a health coach and yoga and Zumba instructor, about her unconventional yoga pairings. “I see yoga and beer as kindred spirits, both ancient traditions steeped in ritual, balance and community. I use the beer brewing process as a metaphor for transforming the body through its own brewing process on the mat—mashing up the ingredients within us, balancing those ingredients and creating energy in the body,” she explained. “We each go through a process every time we step on the mat.”

She’s found that the people coming to her classes are new to yoga, since heading to a brewery (whether for coffee or beer), is less intimidating than venturing to an intense studio. “I’ve had a lot of guys come for the beer and end up loving the yoga and coming back for that,” she confirmed. And for those who think yoga, and wellness in general, is all about green juice with zero calories, this health coach thinks otherwise. “My philosophy that a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle is the key to being healthy,” she told us. “Let’s not pretend that enjoying wine or ice cream isn’t a part of life. There’s more to a healthy life than broccoli and quinoa.”  Perhaps you’ll be making your own unicorn lattes or meringue coffee before the weekend is over. 

Learn Yoga Poses While Roasting Coffee Beans