NJ Assembly Democrats Join Call for AG to Oppose Immigration Ban

Speaker Prieto

Speaker Prieto Max Pizarro for Observer

More Democrats in New Jersey are calling for state Attorney General Christopher Porrino to join his counterparts in other states as they work to undermine President Donald Trump’s executive order barring immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Following gubernatorial frontrunner Phil Murphy’s open letter to Porrino earlier this week, leadership in the General Assembly announced a resolution urging the Trump administration to reverse course on the ban.

Assembly Majority Leader Vince Prieto cited his own experiences as a child under the protectionist regime of the late Cuban president Fidel Castro Friday as he announced the resolution.

“President Trump’s effort to reverse our nation’s great long-standing tradition of embracing the world’s most vulnerable people is un-American and disturbing,” said Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen), who immigrated to the United States from Cuba as a child.

“I’ve lived under a heartless and murderous regime, and I know what it’s like to find freedom. I don’t want that opportunity denied to anyone. With this resolution, we will make our voices in opposition ring clear.

“We will never support President Trump’s cruel policies, and it’s time for New Jersey’s attorney general to stand with us and for civil rights and support the effort across our nation to fight these wrongful policies.”

Trump’s executive order effecting the ban was rejected earlier this week by a federal appeals court in a case mounted by the attorneys general of Washington state and Minnesota. Many of their counterparts have begun working together to challenge the order in the courts and at the state level, a step that Porrino declined to take.

Porrino, an appointee of Republican governor Chris Christie, said “[t]he legality and constitutionality of the recent federal executive action will be evaluated and determined in the federal courts.”

If successful in the legislature, the resolution would be transmitted by the Clerk of the General Assembly to Porrino, President Trump, Vice President Pence, the Majority and Minority Leader of the United States Senate, the Speaker and Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives, every member of Congress elected from New Jersey.

NJ Assembly Democrats Join Call for AG to Oppose Immigration Ban