‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Recap 7×10: Rinna Ruins Everything

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Bravo TV

Kyle Richards’ storyline this season is all about other people – specifically, her sister Kim and her husband Mauricio “Moe” Umansky. It looks like Moe has been trying to land his own reality show, focused on his real estate business. He was even pushing snippets of a web series on Twitter recently. Trying to leverage RHOBH to that end makes sense, but it’s also not that interesting. I love seeing fabulous, unattainable properties as much as the next person, but I’d rather watch these women interact with each other. I’m a masochist that way.

Moe is going to launch a new office of The Agency in his native Mexico, so he and Kyle are making a trip of it and have invited their frienemies. Kyle is getting ready for “work” while Moe heads to the airport, and she’ll soon follow – as will Dorit and PK Kemsley, Erika Girardi, Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna. Cue another “I feel so guilty” monologue from Kyle about traveling without her kids.

Lisa Vanderpump is hosting Eden Sassoon for tea on the terrace. Eden wanted to see her, and LVP is baffled as to what they have to talk about. This, after threatening Eden at the Great Gatsby party. No unfinished business there! All that matters is we get a glimpse of the flower-filled rooms Lisa calls a closet.

On the terrace, Eden clues LVP into what really spurred her obsession with Kyle and Kim: Rinna telling her Kim was near-death and not sober. Lisa is shocked, but suddenly understands why Eden was so fixated on the sisters, bearing in mind her own experience of losing a sister to a drug overdose. LVP asks Eden if she can share this information with Eden, who tells her to go ahead. “I have nothing to hide.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of time, Rinna pops into Kyle’s store and pretends she has no idea where Eden got all these ideas about Kim’s sobriety and Kyle being an enabler. Kyle asks Rinna point-blank if Eden had broached the topic with her. Rinna says, “I have to think about that.” Is she aware there are cameras following her around for this show?

Next, we have a truly lovely family scene with the Kemsleys at lunch. Their toddler Jagger is beyond adorable. This is the very first glimpse of Dorit and PK that makes them seem liked involved parents.

Rinna is prepping to go to New York to see her daughter Delilah work in her first fashion show, for Tommy Hilfiger. Rinna cannot pronounce his name, even though she has walked in his show herself. At the same time, Erika, the Kemsleys, LVP, Ken and Kyle are flying to Mexico to join Mauricio. PK is wearing a dumb-looking scarf in scorching weather, so he is a long way from redeeming himself.

Of course the rental property the gang is staying in is off the hook lavish – the ideal indoor/outdoor living setup, with huge infinity pools overlooking the ocean. But Dorit and PK get stuck with a bedroom that has two beds instead of one. “We do like to have sex,” Dorit says. Don’t remind us.

Kyle and Erika have a nice moment outside, talking about how Mauricio’s business is booming and Kyle’s professional life is blossoming at the same time. If only we could see more of the production of her TV Land scripted series and the work she’s doing on it. THAT would be a storyline.

In New York, Rinna is helping Delilah prep and practice walking for the Hilfiger show. Gigi Hadid will be walking, too, debuting her line for the label. Delilah is a bit concerned about this, since her mom had such conflict with Gig’s mom Yolanda. She and Amelia know it’s weird that their mom has more drama than they do as teenagers. Could any amount of money or fame compensate for perpetual public embarrassment caused by your mother?

Eileen is back with her therapist, talking about grief and how ashamed she feels of having personal turmoil – even though it’s over events out of her control, like her mother’s death. She says her son Jesse tries to stop her from being sad, so she tries to hide it from him. The therapist suggests that it’s her hesitance to truly feel her feelings that is stopping her from processing it all, and perhaps prompts her son to try to take on her sadness. Eileen agrees and says she thinks it also stops her from being present. These therapy sessions make Eileen even more likable – she’s not pretending to be something she’s not, unlike some of the other women.

In Mexico, Kyle and Dorit head out to jet-ski with Erika. They go fast, Erika wipes out, but everything is fine – despite the previews making out that there was some dramatic emergency. Yawn.

Rinna and Camille Grammer meet up for lunch in New York, where CG’s daughter Mason is walking in another show. It looks like Rinna and Camille are holding hands. Rinna is saying she tries so hard to stay out of petty drama with the other women, and wants no part of it. Again, she knows cameras are on her, right? Rinna uses the words “healing,” “journey” and “forgiveness.” And a nation of reality TV fans pulled their optic muscles with the intensity of their eyerolling.

In Mexico, LVP spills the jumping beans to Kyle: Rinna told Eden that Kim isn’t truly sober and that she’s near death. Kyle screams, “WHAT?!” Yeah. We flash back to years of Rinna trash-talking Kim and inserting herself into what is a very personal, complicated matter of health and well-being. So it’s not hard for Kyle to believe, and the penny drops as to why Eden has been so focused on ‘helping’ Kim. Kyle says Rinna needs to sew her mouth shut. LVP: “You’re going to need a lot of thread.” QFT.

You know, it’s incredibly shitty that something as sensitive and fragile as someone’s sobriety has become a focal point of this show. At the same time, Kyle needs to own the fact that she is the one who brought Kim’s alcoholism into the mix as a storyline years ago. If you choose to put that on display to the world, you have to expect that they will be interested – and fill in the gaps when you try to shield some of it from public view. It’s not right, but it is rational.

Over dinner, Kyle shares with the other women what Rinna told Eden. Everyone is rightfully aghast. Erika is as baffled as we are so to why Rinna would start this drama when she knows Kyle will find out. “Maybe she’s not that smart,” Kyle says. That’s a diplomatic way of putting it. Dorit shares the fact that both Rinna and Eden admitted to taking Xanax at the smoothie session. So now everyone is wondering if Eden is sober. This is why you’re not supposed to go on reality TV and talk about your sobriety.

The next day, the whole gang is outside, hanging out in the water and relaxing. Rinna shows up, screeching the whole way to the group to announce her arrival. Even if she hadn’t been causing theatrics, this would be incredibly annoying. Kyle doesn’t get out of the water to greet her, but it’s clear we are in for a feces/fan interface next week.

‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Recap 7×10: Rinna Ruins Everything