Source: Perth Amboy’s Lopez Poised for LD19 Run (Wiz’s Legislative Seat)

Apparently doomed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Sayreville) had spent sufficient time in the role playing dungeons of New Jersey politics to make any observer suspect his angling for something other than the stated end he sought: a position in the administration  of Phil Murphy or simply a sheepish return to his legislative perch.

Such speculation teetered in the maw of Wiz’s aggressive email blasting salvos against Murphy, which the most cynical politics observers still might be compelled to label as fodder for Murphy’s staff to look alive and thereby ultimately help the Goldman Sachs brand appear battle-tested by the time he impales the Sayervillian on primary day.

And yet it would be only the most cynical who believe that at this point, perhaps three – or two – as Team Wisniewski rattles off one condemning missive after the other in an attempt to appear Bernie-like in terms of outrage over another big bank force-feeding; and Murphy world swats dutifully away at Wiz’s small-time transgressions.

It feels, at least, alongside a developing contest on the Republican side, as though these are legitimately warring silos of mutually exclusive interest, which will result inevitably in Wisniewski’s politically annihilation, or so buzz those cocktail denizens of Democratic Party land.

At least one source today said Murphy cohorts are more alert at this point to the potential for Jim Johnson of Montclair to latch onto the progressive vote, than Wiz, or maybe that is simply someone’s attempt to muddy the field.

All of which is a long way around to considering what happens with the assembly seat in LD19, which Wisniewski occupied for 20 years. A source tonight told Observer that the smart money right now is on Yvonne Lopez of Perth Amboy, executive director at Puerto Rican Association for Human Development (PRAHD), to supplant Wisniewski.

Done deal, in fact.

Perth Amboy Mayor Wilda Diaz has signed off on the candidate, a source said.

A handful of years of ago, it looked like Freeholder Ron Rios was ready for the promotion. But as the most Democratic burgh in the district (and in the county, a 7-1 registration advantage over the GOP), Perth Amboy looks poised to get a rep in the statehouse, the source told Observer.

The corruption vaporization of former Assemblyman Joe Vas left the port city without an assemblyman – until – Democrats hope – Lopez’s swearing-in next year following a pro forma run and win in the Dem-safe district as Wisniewski, for his part, goes out on a statewide shield.


  Source: Perth Amboy’s Lopez Poised for LD19 Run (Wiz’s Legislative Seat)