10 Pieces You Won’t Regret Buying From Tibi’s Online Sample Sale

Here's some expert advice on navigating the tricky waters of extremely marked down clothing

These pieces are from the Pre-Fall 2016 and Fall 2016 collections.

Leather High-Waisted Skirt, $219

Why you need this skirt: Nabbing a leather skirt at this price is basically the same as winning the lottery. Plus, it comes equipped with pockets big enough to hold your iPhone 7 Plus.


Silk Pintucked Off-the-Shoulder Top, $112.50

Why you need this shirt: This is the easy breezy summertime top of your dreams.


Anson Stretch Cargo Pants, $109.50

Why you need these pants: These are hands down, the coolest cargo pants you will ever find. With an extra wide cuff and a culotte shape, they will become a go-to spring piece in your wardrobe.


Sofie Loafers, $127.50

Why you need these shoes: Trust us when we say that you haven't lived until you've walked a mile in fur-trimmed mules.


Amoret Satin Bias Dress, $187.50

Why you need this dress: No one, in the history of sample sale shopping, has regretted buying an LBD. Okay, that might not be entirely true, but this bias dress is a brilliant multitasker: it can be be regarded as dressy or casual. Pick your own adventure.


Amoret Satin Bias Skirt, $118.50

Why you need this skirt: How could you not be obsessed with the color of this skirt, which is officially called Marmalade.


Admiral Relaxed Jacket, $187.50

Why you need this jacket: If you haven't scored a mid-weight spring jacket, well, now you have.


Silk Cut Out Shoulder Dress, $248.75

Why you need this dress: It's the best thing you could wear to your second cousin's wedding...or any other wedding you will be attending over the next four months.


Embroidered Denim Crop Jeans, $145

Why you need these jeans: You can skip wearing jewelry when your denim is so heavily embellished.


Daria Sandals, $169.50

Why you need these sandals: Summer sandals you can walk in? Perhaps you should get these in every color.


I once went to a Tibi sample sale in Soho and left with a pair of boots that were half white suede and half black leather. I wore them exactly zero times, as I realized that pristine suede would remain its original color for exactly 2.5 seconds in New York, before succumbing to the gritty city sidewalks. I learned my sample sale lesson then and there: don’t buy something that you will never wear, just because it’s marked down 80 percent.

This lesson is much harder in practice, which is why I’m taking the time to pass down this vital lesson to you, dear reader. You shouldn’t be allured by the super cheap prices at sample sales; if you’re not going to actually wear the overly voluminous top or the too-weird shoes, just don’t buy them! Instead, focus on pieces that could easily be integrated into your existing wardrobe, that follow along with your personal style and actually fit you. When in doubt, simply go for the basics, ones that are guaranteed to be a regular member of your day-to-day sartorial lineup.

Here, I’ve rounded up 10 of the best pieces to buy from Tibi’s online sample sale, that you won’t regret, feel remorse about, lose sleep over or anything along those lines. These are simply good pieces, from a simple black satin dress to some sensible, but chic leather sandals. And they all come with Tibi’s certified cool girl stamp of approval.

This online sample sale, which runs from March 20 to 23, is bound to sell out. So quickly stock up on these spring and summer wardrobe must-haves, marked up to 80 percent off, before they’re all gone.

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