The Definitive Guide to LA’s Korean Spa Scene

There's no need to book a trip to Seoul to experience an authentic (and relaxing) spa day

Crystal Spa is ideal for a solo spa day.
Crystal Spa

Beverly Hot Springs

Beverly Hot Springs is one of the more extravagant Korean Spas. As the only natural hot springs in Los Angeles, many celebrities have been known to take a dip in the chlorine-free mineral baths. Expect a quieter and more meditative experience here; you’ll be hushed if you're talking too loud. The Buddhist motifs, waterfall, and orchid ornamentation add to the zen vibe.

308 N Oxford Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Beverly Hot Springs

Crystal Spa

This spa resides on top floor of a Korean shopping center on 6th Street. An Aveda-sponsored business, all products (yes, all) are Aveda. Forget about the Kiehl’s at Equinox and head to Crystal on a Wednesday, where the entrance is $15. With a humble jimjibang, Crystal is one of the more intimate spas on this list, which means it attracts far fewer crowds. If you're looking to enjoy a solo dip in a hot tub or cold plunge, this is your spot.

3500 W 6th St #321, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Crystal Spa

Wi Spa

Wi Spa is the mecca of Korean Spas and the most popular of the bunch. An enormous building off South Wilshire houses an expansive jimjilbang including salt, jade, clay, and ice saunas. If you want to bring on the heat, all you need to do is spend 10 minutes in the bulgama. At a whopping 231 degrees, you are practically guaranteed to sweat out every toxin in your body. Equipped with a gym, café and a rooftop terrace Wi Spa is a go-to for a reason. Although spacious, Wi Spa is family friendly, so weekends and evenings can get rather crowded.

2700 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057

Wi Spa

Daengki Spa

The vibe and aesthetic of Daegnki Spa is like that of a rural spa in Ahp-ku Jung. Even though it’s on the smaller side, this spa packs a major punch. In pragmatic fashion, and with extreme attention to detail, these ladies give the best Akasuri scrub in town. There is not much English spoken at Daegnki, but you don’t need it. The very intimate atmosphere includes one wet steam, one dry sauna, one hot pool and one cold pool, with a row of four showers, provides little need for explanation. Thirty years of service makes Daegnki a staple female-only facility in K-town. Be sure to check out the V-Steam; it might seem utterly unfamiliar to you, but it’s worth the experience.

4245 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90020


Aroma Spa & Sports

Well-appointed with all the necessities: wood sauna, steam room, mist sauna (hotter, condensed mist), clay room and two tubs, Aromoa is an overall solid choice. Located in Wilshire Center in a complex with other wellness inspired businesses, Aroma also houses a driving range, similar to a condensed golf range in NYC but with mountainous views and forever sunshine. Aroma provides relaxation, along with a slew of leisure activities.

3680 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Aroma Spa & Sports

Spa Palace

There are two colossal 24 hour spas in K-town. One being Wi Spa and the other Spa Palace. On the newer side, Palace is very clean. Equipped with bar area (whoa, alcohol at the spa!), coed tubs, and a gorgeous indoor pool, Palace is the place you go to with friends for a social spa day. The red clay ball room, which rises to a temp of 156 degrees, and the gold sauna are their unique amenities.

620 S Union Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017


It’s common knowledge that the vast majority of Los Angeles is obsessed with looking great and feeling better. By now, plastic surgery is the norm, beauty regimes require the assistance of professionals and green juice might as well replace tap water. But there’s much more behind the superficial Hollywood façade, as Angelenos still indulge in habitual pampering. Not everyone has the money nor aesthetic preference for the lavish Burke Williams. So where to? Look no further than the most densely populated district in LA: Koreatown.

In fact, Los Angeles houses some of the best Korean spas in the US, a veritable grab bag of relaxing destinations that provide a mise-en-scène of joy, in terms of physical euphoria and muscular relief. The jimjilbang are the the traditional center of Korean spas, a room lined with varying saunas, housed in sobering and rejuvenating castles of clay, jade and Himalayan pink salt. At these Korean spas there’s no need to get fancy when the objective is to slough off dead skin, soak in a tub, sweat in a sauna and emerge with smooth, glowing baby skin.

Just a little warning for Korean Spa novices: You are required to be naked in the non-coed areas, it’s not really a choice. But no need to fret, once you disrobe and step into a steaming sauna, the only thing on your mind is relaxation, healing, and rejuvenation.

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