‘Family Guy’ Is Putting Americans to Sleep

One of the better aspects of the rise of prestige TV is that you no longer need friends OR loved ones to help you fall asleep at night; you simply hit next on the Netflix queue, and let the voices of your favorite half-hour sitcom lull you into sweet slumber. Now, a study from Best Mattress Brand has the data to back up this totally normal, not-at-all-killing-me-inside phenomenon.

Of those surveyed, 58 percent said they watch TV before bed, with the remaining 42 percent finding they sleep nearly ten minutes more per night without it. The most popular snooze-inducer? FOX’s Family Guy, at 20.2 percent, proving once and for all there is nothing more soothing than the sound of Seth MacFarlane telling AIDS jokes in a Boston accent.

In fact, comedies take up the bulk of the survey’s answers: American Dad, another MacFarlane staple, is right behind Family Guy, with Bob’s Burgers taking third.

The first non-comedies, not counting “Basketball” and “Football,” is the Food Network’s Chopped (9.3 percent), followed by ABC’s Shark Tank (9.2 percent). You can find the rest of the results here, if you feel like trying to convince yourself you’re NOT going to try and finish Buffy at 4 A.M. on a Tuesday. ‘Family Guy’ Is Putting Americans to Sleep