Google Is Coming After ClassPass With a New Booking Service

Booking a fitness class just got easier, whether it's barre before brunch or Friday night dance cardio

Let Google choose your workout for you. Gary Prior/Getty Images for Reebok

Book your next workout session using Google Reserve, their newly-launched platform set to rival ClassPass. While this booking service doesn’t provide discounts like ClassPass, it does offer a detailed list of upcoming workouts, including the price and locations (using Google Maps, of course).

As ClassPass prices started getting higher and higher, many people said goodbye to the app for good, or kept paying for a limited number of classes because of the convenience of booking by app immediately. But now, boutique fitness booking is even easier than Googling somebody.

It’s the new ClassPass, minus the discount and monthly fee. Google Reserve

When you pop open the platform, they list hyper-specific options, including “yoga this evening,” “Pilates before work” and even “dancing Friday night,” if you’re really trying to get the party started. The options are accompanied class descriptions, user ratings and prices.

A pilot for the platform ran in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, but now it’s officially live everywhere, with studios working alongside Google’s scheduling partners, including Mindbody. After booking a class, Reserve will start making recommendations for you; it’s just like ClassPass, only without the monthly fee. Google Is Coming After ClassPass With a New Booking Service