Have You Noticed That Ewan McGregor Is Goddam Everywhere?


Hey, you know Ewan McGregor?

If you’re anything like me, you also confuse him with James McAvoy. Ewan McGregor was in Moulin Rouge, and the Star Wars prequels. James McAvoy is from Atonement and the X-Men prequels. McGregor’s gritty Irvine Welsh novel adaptation was Trainspotting; McAvoy’s gritty James Welsh novel adaptation was Filth.

He was also in this hilarious-looking Frankenstein movie with Daniel Radcliffe Fox

Clear on Ewan McGregor?

Good, because he’s fucking everywhere.

There are currently two movies in theaters starring Ewan McGregor: Beauty and the Beast, in which he plays the role of Lumiere the talking candlestick (formerly voiced by Jerry Orbach of Law and Order and eye-donation fame); and T2, a sequel to the 1996 cult-heroin-classic, Trainspotting. 

But Ewan McGregor is not done. When he decided that in the spring of 2017 he would be everywhere, McGregor meant EVERYWHERE.

McGregor stares in the next season of Fargo—premiering April 17 on FX—not once, but twice. McGregor is playing twins. Twins with very different hairstyles. He is Lohan-ing, just to increase the sheer quantity of McGregor on our screens.


There are probably no two roles more dissimilar than an enchanted French candlestick and a human Scottish heroin addict, but just add a little extra variety, McGregor decided to throw in two North Dakotans.

It is the spring of the McGregor. Somewhere, James McAvoy cowers. Have You Noticed That Ewan McGregor Is Goddam Everywhere?