Social Download: Internet Reacts to Lorde on ‘SNL’, Bughead on ‘Riverdale’

Musical guest Lorde performs on Saturday Night Live. Will Heath/NBC

Welcome back to tvDownload’s social media column — written for the people and by the people, like some kind of millennials’ Pravda. It’s where you can come to find out what the internet is saying about your favorite shows, and to see what new stuff might be worth checking out. You do want to fit in with the rest of us, don’t you, comrade?

Saturday Night Live continues to make fodder of Trump’s inner circle, this week using host Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka.

The likeness (detached stare) is kind of remarkable.

Everyone was giddy about musical guest Lorde, who played stuff off her upcoming album.

Meanwhile, over in Riverdale, a new romance-slash-hashtag was born. All hail Jughead plus Betty, aka Bughead.

Here is some good Bughead advice.

And finally, this week marked the 20th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. People piped up with tributes to the groundbreaking show that meant so much to so many.

The most hardcore fans chose to express their love permanently. Oh man, there are some intense Buffy tattoos out there.

Social Download: Internet Reacts to Lorde on ‘SNL’, Bughead on ‘Riverdale’