PornHub Is Plowing Streets for Free During the Northeast Blizzard

As a blizzard blankets the Northeast, the adult entertainment website is keeping streets and parking lots safe.

Today Pornhub is providing another public service. Twitter

As winter storm Stella blankets the Northeast with almost two feet of snow, most people are staying indoors and binge-watching Netflix.

But if you absolutely have to get out of the house during the blizzard, PornHub’s got you covered.

Today the adult entertainment website is plowing streets and parking lots in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts free of charge.

Anyone who wants to get plowed can email or use the hashtag #PornhubPlows on Twitter. One of PornHub’s two dozen branded trucks will then come to the rescue.

The euphemistic branding was a hit on social media:

“After hearing about the severity of Stella, we thought we’d help our PornHub community in the East Coast get plowed, safely,” PornHub vice president Corey Price told the Observer. “We wanted to send our crew out in areas that typically get hit hard, in and around Boston, N.Y.C. and New Jersey, so our fans can go about their day without worry. They are important to us and we hope to plow other states in need. ”

This isn’t the first time PornHub has gone viral for its plowing skills—in January one of the site’s users posted a very popular image of President Donald Trump “banging the entire country at once.” PornHub Is Plowing Streets for Free During the Northeast Blizzard