Shop at Raven’s Arkansas Boutique to Dress Like a ‘Bachelor’ Contestant

Visit Grey Suede for off the shoulder, ruffled rompers covered in palm fronds for your next group date

Raven poses in another going out dress, wearing multiple trends at once. Raven Nicole Gates Instagram

The contestants on The Bachelor all have suspiciously similar wardrobes. Each season, viewers can expect florals, rompers and sequined going out tops, the latter of which should be reserved for middle school dances, because that’s the only place it’s acceptable to wear tube tops en masse. Then, once the ladies onscreen are eliminated, they make sure to promote the tiny boutiques that gifted them with their fast fashion choices. This time around, one contestant doesn’t have to promote #sponcon. Raven Gates, one of the last two standing, has her very own Arkansas boutique full of tiny jorts, floral crop tops and crochet worthy of a Bachelor group date.

Grey Suede, Raven’s boutique in Jonesboro, Arkansas (no, not Hoxie), houses every single item a Bachelor contestant might need. And yes, it looks like a Southern sorority girl’s Pinterest board, with plenty of #OOTD inspiration. Their Instagram shows off photos of Raven in her own boutique’s outfits, in case viewers have been desperately wondering where to get her South Beach nightclub-worthy dresses. Her site even has its own Bachelor content, including a handy drinking game for the finale. Unfortunately, she couldn’t wear her shop’s wares in Finland, as an Arkansas store doesn’t exactly prepare one for a frigid, less than romantic climate.

Because who wouldn’t find love in this Scarlet lace cold shoulder, ruffled dress? Raven Nicole Gates Instagram

In previous years, The Bachelor contestants seemed to favor big brand mall stores, including Bebe and Forever21, since they had to inexpensively stock up on glittery ballgowns and going out tops for what could be one evening or an entire season. But once Instagram emerged, the contestants opted for sponsorships from smaller brands. And while some people (especially TV characters), try not to mix too many trends at once, Bachelor contestants do the opposite; they opt for all of last season’s looks in one outfit.

For the finale this evening, there might not be enough time to jet to Arkansas and pick up a ruffled romper. But if Raven loses (which is looking more and more likely, especially with Rachel Lindsay officially out of the picture—although beauty blogger Nick Viall could always become a contestant on Lindsay’s season—Raven will certainly be promoting her boutique on Instagram, so fans and future contestants can dress exactly like her―cold shoulders included.

Just follow along on Instagram, and before you know it, your whole wardrobe will consist of off the shoulder, ruffled rompers covered in palm fronds. You’ll be posting your own #ads before you know it.

Shop at Raven’s Arkansas Boutique to Dress Like a ‘Bachelor’ Contestant