Amazon’s Echo Look Is Basically a Personal Stylist

This new device will capture outfit selfies and offer fashion advice


Amazon has finally achieved the impossible. They have invented “the first artificially intelligent style assistant.”

Yes, that’s what the e-commerce giant is calling the Echo Look, a new fashion-focused device that is bound to become the most useful accessory in your closet. Similar to earlier models of the Echo, users can verbally request info on the weather, play music and listen to the news via Alexa. However, this new iteration is also equipped with a camera that can take photos or videos of your outfits. You might even consider getting rid of your mirror, as the photos can be snapped hands-free, viewed live and will be enhanced by an LED flash. The device’s camera can also sense depth and comes with the option to blur the background of any image, allowing you and your #lotd to be the center of attention.

These outfit photos can then be saved and organized into a lookbook, allowing you to replicate the perfect outfit at a later date, or easily plan and pack travel outfits.

The Amazon Echo Look. Courtesy Amazon

But the fun doesn’t end there. The Echo Look also includes a feature called Style Check, which provides feedback on your outfits. This is where the virtual stylist really comes into play, as it compares two ensembles based on “fit, color, styling, and current trends,” and offers advice on which one you should wear. The answers are generated through an algorithm, though Amazon (AMZN) has also consulted fashion experts, to further refine the opinions.

The more the Echo Look is used, the smarter it will become, according to Amazon. Not only will users be offered clothing suggestions based on the images added to their lookbooks, but Style Check will update as users share their preferences over time.

Build a lookbook, based on your daily outfits. Courtesy Amazon

Surely this is a tool that will be adored by bloggers and those who still dream of having a closet like Cher’s in Clueless. But is the average person likely to snap a photo of themselves every morning before heading to work? Only time will tell. Amazon’s Echo Look Is Basically a Personal Stylist