Stop Posting Bathing Suit Pictures on Dating Apps

According to Hinge, nobody likes them (literally)

This breaks two dating app rules, as there’s a potential significant other and it’s a beach photo. George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

Your summertime thirst trapping is futile—at least according to Hinge, the dating app focused more on relationships than endlessly swiping.

Hinge released a report detailing how women are 47 percent less likely to receive a like on a beach photo; men are 80 percent less likely to receive that like for a pic in their swim trunks.

The lack of likes could be due to the creepy factor of talking to someone you happen to like, only due to their lack of clothing. This rings especially true on an app that was designed to spark actual conversations. While you might want that thirst trap photo from the Hamptons last summer displayed proudly, if someone makes a lewd comment on said photo, it is immediately up for deletion. It’s much easier to initiate a conversation around a strange animal photo (although no more tigers, please) or a vacation destination, than a half naked selfie.

The dating app’s new data also found women that should show their teeth when they smile (no more T-rex hands channeling Kylie Jenner, although that would lead to Instagram likes). They offered other quick tips on finding a date from your phone—men should make eye contact with the camera and absolutely no one should share a MySpace selfie.

Women looking for a significant other can consider taking up a sport. Female athletes have a better time scoring a date, as “participating in sports” leads to 75 percent more of a chance of a message. Time to bust out that old dodgeball shirt (or maybe join a league, where you could actually meet someone in the wild).

The worst possible options for ladies, leading to no likes or conversation, include wearing sunglasses, using Snapchat filters (so bid adieu to the dog ears) and posing with a possible boyfriend, so stop sharing snaps of you cuddling with a member of the opposite sex. Unfortunately, as much as you want to use your favorite filter and matching swimsuit this summer, save it for Instagram.

Stop Posting Bathing Suit Pictures on Dating Apps