Disney Villains Are ‘Pioneers of the Gay Agenda,’ According to Viral Theory

Jafar 'can vogue like nobody's business'

While many Disney movies are deserved classics, it isn’t hard to tell that most of the villains in the studio’s films (no matter their gender) have a distinctly feminine air. In fact, the 2015 documentary Do I Sound Gaypurposely includes a supercut of these “effete, aristocratic, effeminate” animated baddies, the film’s director David Thorpe told Vice.

Those old Disney movies are still essential parts of any family’s  collection. But since kids now live in a world where the Supreme Court has guaranteed the right to same-sex marriage, there’s a good chance they’re more clued in to gay stereotypes.

This weekend, a Twitter user named Holly (username @_Hate_Holly_) decided to remove their last shred of innocence by tweeting about the “gay agenda” of Disney villains:

She then classified each baddie using modern LGBT terminology:

Holly told the Observer that her tweetstorm was “satire at the current backlash over gay characters being portrayed in children’s movies.”

While these characterizations are hilarious, the reality is that Disney was more open to the LGBT community than its movies might suggest—the studio supported lyricist Howard Ashman as he battled AIDS in the 1990s.

Disney films have also evolved in recent years—Frozen and the Beauty and the Beast remake featured gay characters in a more subtle manner.

  Disney Villains Are ‘Pioneers of the Gay Agenda,’ According to Viral Theory