EHarmony Wants to Be Your Personal Matchmaker, for a Price

For an additional $30 a month, premium users can go incognito and see when someone reads their message

Would you pay $30 extra a month to be in the spotlight? Hulton Archive/Getty Images

eHarmony has the most serious reputation out of the other dating sites and apps combined (except maybe, a similar site for marriage minded folks). It’s certainly far more focused on finding a relationship than Tinder, even with their desktop update. And now, eHarmony is taking dating even more seriously, by introducing eHarmony Premium, an option where members can pay even more money to find the love of their life.

The new premium option, available both on their app and online, gives people their own personal matchmaking experience. Users willing to pay a premium for love have access to dating coaches, who will help them with their profile and offer first date advice.

For an additional $30 a month (which is still less than hiring an actual matchmaker, whose services can be in the thousands), premium users will spend time in the “spotlight,” meaning their profiles will be promoted for a whole day every month. This elevated dating service also allows users to go into an incognito mode, so they can creep on someone’s profile without the other person knowing.

Premium users will know who reads their messages, just like OkCupid’s users who pay. That means they’ll know who isn’t active—and when they’re being rejected. This follows along with the latest trend, where dating apps are more hands-on than ever before. With apps acting like old school matchmakers, perhaps it’s time for them to make a comeback. After all, isn’t love worth a steep price? EHarmony Wants to Be Your Personal Matchmaker, for a Price