Musicians and Travel Experts Share Their Festival Season Must-Haves

Coachella performers Grace Mitchell, Joseph and Alaina Moore of Tennis share their necessities.

What should you pack for Coachella?
Matt Cowan

Grace Mitchell

At 19, the singer has already opened for The Weeknd, ventured to Coachella once before for a party performance and is playing officially for the first time this year.

What's your must-have on the road? Until they find something better and more versatile than a leather jacket, I’ll always be rocking one. When in doubt I can pair my Schott leather jacket with anything and feel ready for whatever the day, or night, has in store.

Grace Mitchell/Instagram

Alaina Moore

The singer plays with her husband in Tennis, an indie duo making their debut at Coachella this year.

What's your fest strategy? Coachella is like the zeitgeist of music festivals. It's impossible to compete, or keep up with, it just sort of happens to you, even if you're not there. My whole strategy is to let the dust clouds and remixes wash over me. I'm going to show up comfy as hell and do my thing.

What about your must-haves?Since I'm already on tour I don't have to pack, but I will carry a backpack stocked with essentials. A bandana to wear over my face when the dust gets crazy, a water bottle, Thayers Rose Petal and Witch Hazel Toner, blotting papers by Boscia, Xanax (kidding). I make an effort to simplify my routine, minimize my possessions, and focus on what I'm there to do: sing for my supper.


Ashlan Cousteau

Cousteau (yes, she's married to the grandson of Jacques Cousteau) might not be a singer, but she's a true expert as a former E! anchor and current Dot.Luxury travel ambassador, with her own show on the Travel Channel.

What are the must-have items in your bag for a long weekend of music? A cute dress that can be styled glam or casual. You can wear it out Friday night with heels and then flats on Sunday with a scarf. I like to bring one really big one that can be worn around my neck and wrapped around my shoulders at night. Bring one pair of killer sunglasses...okay, maybe two. You only need to pack one pair of jeans, no more. One fancy shirt to wear with your jeans Saturday night. Two cute T-shirts and one pair of shorts. And cozy socks to slip on after a long day [of] walking around a festival. This all should fit in a weekender bag. I use a vintage Louis Vuitton Keepall 50., the original luggage built for expeditions.

What's your most unique packing tip? I always bring a small bottle of Apple cider vinegar with me. I tend to get sore throats when I travel and gargling a few times a day with it nips the scratchiness in the bud. You can also use it as a facial toner in a pinch but be warned, you will smell a tiny bit like an Easter Egg. And the smaller the luggage the better. Do you really need five pairs of shoes for three days? Your luggage will be easier to carry and your friends won't be so judgmental when it's time to pack up the car.

What are your beauty essentials when traveling? La Roche-Posay Tinted Mineral Sunscreen which can also be used in place of foundation and Osea Roll-On Hydrating Oil are a must for the day. Remember, traveling dries you out and so does running around the desert.

Ashlan Cousteau/Instagram


Psychedelic pop star Julietta is a flower crown and choker aficionado. The New York-based artist recorded "Beach Break" in Nicaragua.

What do you pack in advance? Knowing I'll be out all day and temperatures will be high and then low, and my phone will be almost dead by the afternoon, I always rock my mother's vintage Prada backpack from the '90s. My backpack is always equipped with a light sweater for when the sweat turns into shivers, my Q Bracelet iPhone charger, my disposable camera, bandaids, Kiehl’s lip balm, hand sanitizer, tissues (the worst thing is a Porta Potty without paper), and a KIND Bar just in case the lines are too long for food and I want to catch a show.

What do you wear during the fest? Overalls are always an easy, cute outfit, with Converse or Superga. I’m really into one-piece clothing, so comfortable and sexy. You don’t want to be wearing heels or new shoes to a festival, I’ve done the new shoes thing and I was running around looking for bandaids within the first two hours.

What's your beauty routine during festival season? Sephora Express Cleansing Wipes, Clarins face wash, coconut oil for my hair and body, Mario Badescu eye cream and seaweed night cream and Mario Badescu drying lotion just in case there’s an emergency zit that needs zapping.


Josh Udashkin

Udashkin is the CEO of smart luggage company Raden

Why is Raden a must-have for festival season? Whether for posting an Instagram or checking the lineup, everyone needs a fully juiced phone at a festival. Raden not only has a charger built in, but once you get to your destination you can remove the battery and use it as a portable charger. And Raden lets you weigh your luggage before even leaving the house, so you know exactly how much you can pack in without paying for it at the airport.

What’s your favorite packing tip? Bring shoes that can transfer from day to night. Shoes generally take up the most space, so this is a great way to make room for other necessities. And I put all my sunglasses inside my shoes — that way I save space and give my precious shades some extra protection.

Josh Udashkin/Facebook


The trio of sisters are confirmed for every major music festival this summer, including Coachella, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo.

What's your fest strategy? Festival season is always crazy! As an artist, you throw out all usual expectations for playing a show so you have to be prepared for anything.

What's your fest strategy? Boots are crucial. Regardless of what shoes you wear onstage, and regardless of how hot it is, boots are a must on the oftentimes dusty roads with the random batch of cables you don't want to trip over. Frye is our go-to!

And what's in the bag for a festival day? A water bottle, make up that adds brightness like NARS Orgasm blush and MAC's Lightscapade Mineral Finish, tons of extra guitar picks, sunglasses (this year it's Bonnie & Clyde out of LA), a bandana for those dusty roads, a wine key/beer opener (a lot of times hospitality provides the drinks but forgets the tools!) and a notebook of paper to write set lists on.


Maggie Lindemann

The social media star just returned home to Los Angeles after an East Coast tour.

What do you do to prepare for tour? I always make sure I have an outfit already put together for each day. If I want to change something I'll do it later on, but I always need a starter outfit just in case I can't think of anything else.

What's your ultimate tour must-have? I always bring scissors everywhere with me. Trust me. they come in handy.

Daniel Regan

As festival season quickly approaches, it’s time to unpack all those flower crowns and crop tops you put away last season. Because if you’re heading to Coachella, where celebrities wear their best fest attire, it’s the proper time to amp up your concert look.

Of course, there are plenty of products to make the entire experience easier (especially if, for some reason, you find yourself camping). Anything to create an Instagram beauty moment is helpful, but sunscreen, color protector and dry shampoo (try this Kardashian-approved one) are a must. Any product that can fit in the palm of your hand and fix an entire face is certainly helpful during long hours on your feet, whether it’s at Coachella or Governor’s Ball.

And as for where to pack everything, a fabric weekender is no longer acceptable. With the rise of smart luggage, every piece must be able to charge a phone for Instagram purposes (which is especially helpful, if you find yourself on a campsite). “You need wheels with speed and smoothness, especially if you’re camping out in rough terrain for a festival,” Raden’s CEO Josh Udashkin warned.

If you’re looking for advice from the pros, there’s still time to pack accordingly. Scroll through for tips from festival regulars, including Grace Mitchell, the sisters in Joseph and Alaina Moore, one half of husband/wife duo Tennis.

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