This New Food Ordering App Guarantees Your Favorite Meals for Cheaper Than Seamless

The Gebni app. Gebni

A New York-based startup is shaking up the food ordering world with a platform that will get you the same exact restaurant meals you love for lower prices.

Gebni, the new company calling itself the “stock market for restaurant takeout,” is using machine learning technology to update meal prices in real time so both customers and restaurants can save money and eliminate food waste. But while the pricing is changing constantly, you will only ever pay less, never more, than the original menu price for your food. And these discounts are no joke—savings are often as much as 30 percent.

“We want to create a marketplace that works for both restaurants and users,” Gebni co-founder and CEO Mohamed Merzouk told the Observer.

Gebni works by using what can best be described as “reverse surge pricing.” When demand for a menu item or even a specific ingredient is low, Gebni will drop the price to incentivize more people to order it. And while it may not seem like this will save restaurants money, it will in terms of both food waste and commission fees. Gebni is charging a commission fee much lower than its competitors like Seamless, which allows the restaurants to have the flexibility to lower the cost a customer will pay for a meal..

Check out our interview with Merzouk to learn more about how to use Gebni, the technology behind the app and some of the hundreds of restaurants already on the platform.

We're live with the CEO & Co-founder of GEBNI, a food delivery app that offers demand-adjusted meal prices to help people save money on orders

Posted by Observer Lifestyle on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

This New Food Ordering App Guarantees Your Favorite Meals for Cheaper Than Seamless