George RR Martin Is Out of Fucks to Give

It's not a 'Winds of Winter' update, but it's definitely...something.

George RR Martin, the loveably sea-captain-esque author behind the massive fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire” (you might know it as HBO’s Game of Thrones) first Tweeted on June 9, 2014, to let the world know that he didn’t plan on Tweeting much after that.

Since then, Martin’s Twitter page has almost exclusively been comprised of links to his blog, where he mostly offers musings on everything from the Hugo Awards to the New York Jets to our current President Pussygrabber. All the while, the gap between the last published “Song of Ice and Fire” novel, 2011’s A Dance With Dragons, and the still-incomplete Winds of Winter grows ever longer. The last update fans received on that front was the infamous “Last Year (Winds of Winter)” post from January 2016, which revealed Martin though he could complete the book by 2017, didn’t, and has reverted back to his “it’ll be done when it’s done” approach to answering questions. Then it was back to a full year of Live Journal links.


Haha, what? Martin went from radio silence to throwing Drogon-sized shade real quick. And honestly, it’s understandable; the dude had a notorious writing speed issue before his story was turned into the biggest television show in history and the world started paying much-too-close attention to whether or not he was going to drop dead. So, yeah, we can afford him one 10:11 PM, possibly drunk break-away from his usual — oh my goodness

That absolute solid gem of a photo was quickly followed up with an introduction of Martin’s personal robot you best believed is named Roberto…

…and his pet tortoise, Morla.

Two years of hype and expectation and this adorable Hobbit-man just posted a photo of his pet tortoise Morla.

So, the way I see it, pretty much only three options here:

  1. George RR Martin has been driven quite insane from the pressures put upon him by Thrones fans, and now wanders the halls of his home, hat on backward, conversing with robots and turtles.
  2. Winds of Winter is finally completed and delivered to Martin’s editors, and with the free time the writer hasn’t experience in years he is finally figuring out the simple pleasures of social media.
  3. Winters of Winter is not, and will never be completed, and Martin has entered peak levels of not giving a single, solitary fuck.

Stay tuned. MartinWatch 2017 is an ongoing story, which we will update when we have more info. George RR Martin Is Out of Fucks to Give