Ken Bone Says He’s a Better Meme Than the ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl

Plus nine more Reddit revelations

Ken Bone. Paul J. Richards/Getty Images

One of the most viral sensations to come out of the 2016 election cycle was Ken Bone, the undecided voter in the red sweater who captured America’s heart. Like everyone who ends up being internet famous, however, it turned out Bone had a dark side—he said on Reddit that the killing of Trayvon Martin was justified, and he also forgot to delete his porn comments on the site.

To his credit, Bone has not ignored these less savory aspects of his personality—he openly addressed many of them during a Reddit AMA in October, and last night he was back on his favorite social network to answer more questions. Here are some of the highlights from the late night conversation.

He’s surprised that people still care what he thinks: When asked if his 15 minutes of fame were up yet, Bone answered “Based on the number of people who ask me this same question every damn day, I’m going to say no.”

He doesn’t regret that his porn comments were made public: “Real men learn from mistakes and move on. Cowards hide from them and pretend they didn’t happen.”

He’s merchandising off his fame: Bone revealed that he’s raked in about $135,00 from T-shirt sales and endorsements from Izod (the creators of his famous red sweater).

But he doesn’t even own the sweater any more—Izod gave $10,000 to charity in exchange for it: “It now sits in their archive in New York alongside James Dean’s leather jacket and Michael Jackson’s moonwalk shoes.”

He still feels very passionate about helping the homeless: Bone has raised nearly $50,000 for homeless charities. “This time of the year is very tough for them, and for the charities that help them. Spring storms can be very dangerous if you have no way to get shelter, and a brutal summer is around the corner. Add to that the charities have trouble raising money after the holidays…If you can’t help financially, start by treating thee homeless with the kindness and respect that every person deserves.”

He won’t reveal who he voted for, but he’s not a fan of the Trump presidency so far: “Despite a few good points it’s been decision after decision that I can’t agree with. Things like the travel ban, the rollback of the stream protection rule and the other executive orders are things I can’t get on board with.”

He refuses to make predictions about the 2020 election: “I will not contribute to our atrocious three-year-long campaign season by even guessing.”

He doesn’t think he sold out:  “I got offered more money than I make in a year to fly all over the country and do stuff I really enjoyed while changing none of my values and helping a lot of people…I’d put that up against ‘Cash Me Outside’ any day of the week.

He doesn’t think a hot dog is a sandwichIn one of the AMA’s lighter moments, Bone wrote that “a true sandwich uses two distinct and separate pieces of bread as an enclosure, one on top, one on bottom. A side to side wraparound does not count.”

He’s got a surprisingly dirty sense of humor: Bone proved this multiple times during the AMA.

  • When asked if he would ever “bone a dude“: “My first instinct is to say your mom, but I don’t want to go back to that same old well. Instead I’ll go with Daniel Craig.”
  • When asked how many ladies he’s “boned” since the debate: “Only one, but it’s been a bunch of times.”
  • When Bone wrote that he enjoyed creamy peanut butter on sandwiches, one user remarked that “A sandwich with creamy peanut butter is like wearing a condom in bed with your own wife.” Bone’s pitch perfect response? “This analogy only works if your wife’s vagina is chunky. I’ll stick with the smooth, creamy texture I have waiting for me at home.”

Never change, Ken Bone. Never change.

Ken Bone Says He’s a Better Meme Than the ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl