Louis C.K. Has the Only Appropriate Reaction for Jimmy Fallon

Louis C.K is not here for your online slacktivism. According to CNET, the lauded comedian skewered facebook activists in a sketch on "Saturday Night Live." The short features a catchy song "Thank You, Scott," and depicts scott--played by Louis C.K. -- attempting to fight injustice in the world one facebook share at a time. the sketch is one of many successful politically oriented pieces that SNL has performed in recent months. this one seems one of the most uplifting and simultaneously sobering.

It’s not that I have anything against Jimmy Fallon, per se. It’s just that his fake cheerfulness and shallow games infantilize celebrities, normalize fascists, and also he has never told a joke that has made me laugh.

Jimmy Fallon has achieved astronomical success based mostly on affability and a friendship with the equally affable Justin Timberlake.

Fortunately, Louis C.K. was on The Tonight Show promoting his new Netflix standup special and he finally did what has needed to happen for so long: called out Jimmy Fallon for being kind of dumb.

Let’s walk through the segment. Louis C.K. is doing a bit where he talks about how much he loves napping. Jimmy Fallon, being dumb and affable, asks, “You like it better than sleep?”

C.K. immediately gives Fallon the world’s most gif-able side-eye in the world, and I have gif-ed it, below, for your service in all Jimmy Fallon-related situations.

Louis C.K. NBC

“You really…. that’s stupid what you just said there. That was a dumb thing to say. That was such a dumb thing to say.”

It takes Jimmy Fallon several minutes and multiple examples from C.K. for him to realize why what he said was dumb, and even then I’m not sure he ever actually gets it.

Finally, C.K. has mercy on the inbred golden retriever who sits at Johnny Carson’s former desk and he forces the bit to move along because C.K. is a standup comedian, and so the little conversations he has on talk shows are prepared bits, with pacing and jokes. “Can you just get past this part?”

In classic Jimmy Fallon fashion, Fallon responds with a chortling, over-the-top fake laugh—bringing his head down, banging his fist on the desk—as if his own terrible interview question was the funniest thing ever to happen in the entire world since he ruffled the hair of an unprepared man who now has the power to shoot missiles at foreign countries.

Also: if you are constantly annoyed by Jimmy Fallon, and need additional, arbitrary fuel for your annoyance, go to 2:42 in the video and listen to the way he pronounces the word “controversy” because why does he pronounce it like that??

Louis C.K. Has the Only Appropriate Reaction for Jimmy Fallon