New York Women Have the Most Expensive Faces in the United States

Manhattan women spend an average of $11 per day on their beauty routine

How much does your skincare routine cost? Les Lee/Express/Getty Images

Beauty retailer SkinStore looked into the beauty routines of 3,000 women between 16 and 75 to find out just how much they were spending on their skincare. While the amount isn’t shocking to anyone who smothers their face in expensive products, it does seem a bit excessive when tallied up. The survey found the average American woman spends $8 a day, which doesn’t seem like that much…but it does include a minimum of 16 products applied before even leaving the house.

In New York, women spend about $11 per day on their face. If you’d like to spend less money on lotion, consider moving to Montana. There, they spend only $3.50 a day.

SkinStore. SkinStore.

New Yorkers also spend the longest time getting ready in the morning, with the average woman spending 21 minutes applying lotions and potions. The longer preparation time has been blamed on extra steps that have been recently introduced, including serums, SPF and highlighter. We all know that Kardashian-level contouring isn’t exactly a quick process.

If you’re not overwhelmed at the thought of spending entire paychecks on eye cream, it gets worse. New Yorkers spend up to $300,000 on their faces in their lifetime. For once, Montana is looking far more desirable than Manhattan. New York Women Have the Most Expensive Faces in the United States