Trump Botched Not Just the Easter Egg Roll, But the National Anthem Too

'An immigrant reminded him'

Can he do anything right? Twitter

Today is the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, where the President and First Lady welcome children to the South Lawn for a day of fun and egg hunting.

Given that this is President Donald Trump’s first time hosting the Easter Egg Roll, all eyes were on the White House this morning—and onlookers immediately noticed several changes from the Easter celebrations of the Obama era. With fewer celebrities taking part this year, cabinet secretaries read to the gathered children instead—and the change was sometimes jarring:

Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s participation in the festivities also raised some eyebrows, especially since he played the White House Easter Bunny during the Bush administration—in fact, everyone’s favorite Spicer impersonator Melissa McCarthy wore an Easter Bunny costume on Saturday Night Live this weekend:

The most awkward moment, however, occurred during the National Anthem. Trump forgot to put his hand on his heart when the music started, so First Lady Melania Trump reminded him with a not-so-subtle nudge. Many on social media found this incredibly ironic, since the First Lady was born in Slovenia:

Looks like the smaller crowd size won’t be the only thing people remember from this Easter Egg Roll.

Trump Botched Not Just the Easter Egg Roll, But the National Anthem Too