‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 7 Reunion, Part 2: Lisa Rinna Is a Monster

We’re back, and Dorit Kemsley’s husband PK is still on the couch getting grilled. Erika Girardi keeps losing her cool—and getting her facts wrong. She tells PK that “the only thing” that bothered her was that he said, “Maybe she’s for sale.” Funny, that’s the first time—after literally dozens of hours of this topic being discussed—that this supposed quote has even come up. And it’s something PK never, ever said. I mean, this show is all on tape. This allegation is easily disproven, which it is when they play the tape back for us (but unfortunately not for Erika).

I like Erika, but she has not managed this well at all, and the way she’s lashing out while laughing looks deranged. PK is cool, calm, and polite—making her look extra-shrill in contrast.

Andy Cohen points out that Erika said more than once that she was “over it” and had moved on. Erika claims that she meant she just didn’t want to talk about it, and that she never considered the manner resolved. She’s either lying to us or to herself, because that is some BS.

There’s a question about whether Lisa Vanderpump put PK up to saying he saw up her skirt, which LVP laughs at and denies. Unless LVP also put Erika up to wearing a white dress and going commando, this is way too convoluted. When asked if she thinks this LVP plot is possible, Rinna smugly answers, “I plead the Fifth.” So in addition to not knowing how to pronounce Tommy Hilfiger’s name after decades of working with him, Lisa Rinna also has no idea what the Fifth Amendment is. 

Erika says she thinks LVP loved every minute of PK’s joking. Well, she hasn’t made it a secret that she thought it was funny. Vanderpump says that from Erika’s first appearances on the show, she seemed very relaxed about topics like nudity – including wearing a C-word necklace and appearing completely naked on-screen. So it was logical for her not to expect Erika to freak out about an upskirt joke. “That’s not the argument,” Erika says. And that’s not a sensible response. 

Kyle Richards leaps to Erika’s defense and says it wasn’t funny because Erika wasn’t in on the joke. Andy pulls up a question from a viewer, who points out Dorit told Kyle about her plan to gift the panties to Erika – prompting Kyle to laugh and say, “I’ll hate you if you don’t do it in front of me!” So Kyle did egg it on, much as she’d like to pretend otherwise now. Kyle insists, “I said, ‘I don’t think this is going to go over well.'” She said that in her one-on-one interview, but we never saw her say that to Dorit when she was buying the underwear. To the contrary, she encouraged Dorit and laughed. Kyle says her eagerness to be there was so in case it went badly, she could smooth things over between Dorit and Erika. If you’re dumb enough to believe that, you’re probably married to Harry Hamlin.

I am shocked to be standing up for LVP, but she keeps having to do what Andy Cohen won’t: pointing out that Kyle did think it was funny and was giddy to see what happened. Kyle keeps telling her to stop, of course. We can see and hear, Kyle. You got busted.

Rinna asks Dorit why she can’t just apologize…even though she has. Shut up, Rinna. 

Now Erika is claiming she “moved on” four months ago. This is mere minutes after claiming she hadn’t moved on. I don’t think Erika is lying; I think she’s detached from reality on this topic, or she wants to have it both ways: Erika wants to be a victim AND a strong, independent woman. 

When it comes to being over the topic of Panytgate, I really am. These people are never going to agree. It’s time to move on and for Erika to get therapy if she’s still so upset. I’m not joking. It seems like she’s extremely traumatized and is making it worse by demanding multiple apologies, apologies to her husband, etc. At this point, I don’t know what PK or Dorit could do that would get Erika to stop the self-pitying theatrics. If they went to the electric chair, she’d show up to make sure their last meal was a live crow. Enough already.

Andy asks PK what he thought about Rinna questioning Dorit’s trust in him during their Hong Kong dinner. PK smiles and says he doesn’t take Rinna seriously, nobody else does, and since he knows his wife trusts him, “it was water off a duck’s back.” He’s clearly unconcerned. Erika and Rinna get super nasty, with Erika making snide remarks about her husband being too busy to be on the reunion and Rinna doing one of her faux applause routines for PK while sneering.

This is such ugly, immature behavior, it’s mind-boggling. I expect it from Rinna, but Erika is destroying her “I don’t give a fuck” brand here. She should have borrowed a handful of Rinna’s Xanax before the reunion.

At LVP’s party, she said Rinna was paranoid and PK joked, “Maybe it’s because she’s on drugs.” He clearly was kidding, as the topic was whether Dorit had accused her of having a drug problem (she didn’t). PK had referred to Rinna as “certifiable” in conversation with Dorit, too. And you know what? I know multiple people who have worked on reality shows with Rinna, including ‘Celebrity Apprentice ‘and other TV series. They all say she acts crazier than anyone they have ever met. That’s Lisa Rinna’s reputation in the industry. PK’s not breaking news here. 

Completely justifying her brand as a lunatic, Rinna accuses Dorit of asking, “Does Lisa Rinna have a problem with Xanax?” and uses that to excuse asking Dorit if people were doing coke at her house. Again, this show is all recorded – Dorit never asked that.

Rinna admits she was retaliating, then in the next breath says she “was just being honest.” We all have someone in our lives who claims, “My problem is I’m too honest!” – when really their problem is that they are an asshole. Rinna is that someone for everyone involved in this show, including viewers.

Erika completely loses her shit, telling PK to “get the fuck out of here.” She’s making viewers feel sympathetic toward him with this bitterness and lashing out. When Andy presses her on when she’s going to move on and what else PK could possibly do to make amends, Erika suddenly says she’s open to a future friendship with him.

I am officially done with this cray storyline. Erika has managed to make me feel sorry for PK, which is quite an accomplishment. Get help, Erika—you are too lovely and decent to be led astray by Lisa Rinna and living in a victimhood fantasy.

Next we have two filler segments, one on how the women greet each other and one on how they juggle work and family. Not interested. I’d prefer a segment on how Kyle has professionals stylists and owns six boutiques and still picked the worst possible dress for this reunion. Great color, horribly unflattering fit. 

Everyone tells Dorit she should go back to designing clothes because her swimwear and resortwear lines were so good. Maybe she can design something for Kyle to wear to the next reunion. 

Kim Richards and Eden Sassoon join—on opposite couches, of course. There’s more filler about hugs. This reunion could have been wrapped in two episodes if not for all of this boring fluff.

But the hug conversation is a segue to Eden. Andy pulls up some of her tweets about how “mean” Kyle was to her. Eden explains that when she was watching the show with her family, she’d try to laugh at the stuff Kyle was saying about her being “annoying as fuck” (and other things). But then she’d just feel hurt and upset. Kyle says Eden told a “flat-out lie” by saying she felt Kyle was cold to her at game night. Does anyone really think Eden lied about how she felt? Two people can be in a moment together and feel different things—that doesn’t mean either of them is lying. 

Kyle is closer to the truth when she points out that Eden got very familiar with her very quickly, asking intrusive questions about a family history of alcoholism and whether Kyle’s mother had been a drinker. Eden definitely crossed boundaries there – and I am pretty sure that’s because she was raised in an atmosphere where boundaries didn’t really exist. She’s also active in a recovery program, where people get personal very quickly with fellow addicts and alcoholics because that’s the nature of such programs. These are not excuses for Eden’s behavior; they are (obvious) reasons. Unequivocally: Eden shouldn’t have asked these questions. 

Already angry, Kim says Eden had never met her and didn’t know her at all. Maybe Eden said this and it got cut, but the fact is Eden had known Kim since she was a kid. Kim starred in a movie with Eden’s dead sister and, as Eden later says, she looked up to Kim when she was growing up. It doesn’t seem like Kim considers this a connection at all, but it’s obviously meaningful to Eden – and understandably so.

There’s a rehash of the rise and fall of Eden’s friendship with Rinna. Eden was so naïve about this monster, and it’s painful to watch these moments of Rinna being a stone cold bitch—to Eden, to Kim, and in general. This includes Rinna’s smears about Kim being near death and not truly sober. 

Does anybody question Eden’s right to share with LVP what Rinna had told her, once everyone was questioning why Eden was so concerned about Kim and making out that she was nuts? Rinna said some seriously messed up stuff (note this is the same person who said PK saying he didn’t want to sleep with Erika was one of “the most heinous things” she had ever heard—as if). The review of Rinna acting like a victim in Mexico, and to Rinna, is infuriating. As is her hilariously disingenuous “confession” at the cake tasting, her forcing a hug on Kim, and her laughing at and ridiculing Eden at LVP’s party. I don’t know how anyone could fail to be revolted by Rinna. She is either a terrible person or trying to play one on TV. And I don’t think Lisa Rinna is that talented as an actress.

Kim and Eden don’t agree on whether Eden should back off when she feels like someone doesn’t want to be near her. Eden, you should back off. 

Andy asks Rinna why she said all those horrible, untrue things about Kim. “She doesn’t remember,” Kim cracks. Rinna basically admits she was trying to get revenge after their game night argument. Bizarrely, Kim says she thinks Rinna “has a huge heart” and doesn’t think she’ll always disappoint her. Um, wrong. Rinna says “we have moved on.” Again: wishful thinking. 

As if to confirm what we all know, Kim brings out the bunny Rinna had given to her as a gift for her grandson. She says the bunny didn’t have good energy because it didn’t come from a genuine place. Kim gives it back to Rinna and says, “When you’re in a better place, maybe you can give it back to me.” She’s trying to be real and gentle, but it’s just another opportunity for Rinna to position herself as a victim. It’s also a super awkward moment. 

Rinna pulls out all the soap actress stops, crying and saying, “I’ve forgiven myself.” L-O-freaking-L. She lays it on extra-thick, until Kim points out that it might not be a bad thing for Rinna to feel the consequences of hurting someone with lies and smears.

Kim is exactly right, so Rinna gets up and walks off-stage with as much drama as she can muster. “This just doesn’t feel quite right,” she says. Yeah, because you’ve never had to truly “own it” – and “owning it” is not comfortable. 

Kyle persuades Kim to go comfort Rinna and explain how superstitious she is. Kyle, you always say you’re staying out of your sister’s business, but this proves how you just can’t stop meddling. 

Of course Eileen already went chasing after Rinna, badmouthing Kim and enabling Rinna’s victim act. “It shows us where she’s at,” Eileen says after Rinna calls Kim preachy. Rinna piles on, saying Kim “just showed her true colors.” Yeah, she showed she’s not going to take 500 of your fake apologies and pretend a stuffed bunny makes everything okay. After all, Kim has been through and all the disgusting things you have done to her, those are beautiful colors to see. ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 7 Reunion, Part 2: Lisa Rinna Is a Monster