The 14 Most Jaw-Dropping Reactions to Sean Spicer’s Hitler Comment

What exactly is a 'Holocaust center?'

Don’t ever say that anyone is “worse than Hitler,” Sean. Twitter

Sean Spicer just can’t catch a break. President Donald Trump’s put-upon press secretary has been a subject of merciless parody thanks to Melissa McCarthy’s impression on Saturday Night Live and his own inability to remember foreign leaders’ names.

But today, he really put his foot in his mouth.

At this afternoon’s White House press briefing, Spicer claimed that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was worse than Adolf Hitler, because Hitler didn’t “sink to the level of using chemical weapons on his own people.” He also referred to concentration camps as “Holocaust centers.”

As any student of history knows, millions of Jews were killed in gas chambers during the Holocaust.

Notable tweeters, including Chelsea Clinton, took Spicer to task for his remarks, especially since they came during the Jewish holiday of Passover. Others made light of the fact that Spicer played the White House Easter Bunny during the Bush administration, and compared Spicer’s flub to the recent Pepsi and United Airlines controversies:


This isn’t the first time the Trump administration has been accused of anti-Semitism—Trump released a Holocaust Remembrance Day statement that didn’t mention Jewish people at all, and Jewish journalists have been relentlessly trolled on Twitter since Trump’s campaign began.

The 14 Most Jaw-Dropping Reactions to Sean Spicer’s Hitler Comment