Trend Forecasters Predict What to Wear at Coachella

Get your girl power tees ready.

Maybe don’t pack quite as much fringe as Rihanna. Mark Davis/Getty Images for Coachella

It can be difficult to figure out what to bring to Coachella, especially when you have to squeeze all of your favorite accessories into one small smart bag. Don’t forget that the feathers of past festival season are long over. Even flower crowns are done and crop tops, high-waisted jean shorts and fringe have certainly seen better days. Surprisingly, there’s no futuristic metallics in sight for this year—sorry Robyn.

The company StyleHaul, known for creating strategic brand partnerships (it all sounds very LinkedIn), tracked social conversations to forecast the major upcoming trends for this festival season. Prepare to pack accordingly.

Consider disposing of your flower crown at Burning Man. Jason Kempin/Getty Images for H&M

StyleHaul found that patches are one major trend to watch, which makes sense if you look at anyone’s denim jacket or unexpected pin store in Williamsburg. Others upcoming trends include sheer shirts, floral embroidery and girl power shirts. It all sounds very Kylie Jenner, or Spice Girls influenced, depending on your generation. The most hardcore trends? Fishnet and flames.

The patch trend, however, might be on its way out. Mentions spiked in February, when there was a 22 percent increase in tweets about the topic. Fishnet, sheer and floral embroidery are all steadily rising. Asymmetric colors are also becoming much more popular.

Normcore was the most unexpected trend for 2017, as we thought that was over two years ago. Ugly sneakers have created 143 percent more of a conversation over the last six months, so prepare to channel your inner tourist this festival season—although you might want to leave the fanny pack at home.

Trend Forecasters Predict What to Wear at Coachella