Amazon Stock Hits $1,000 a Share

The online retailer reached the milestone at the beginning of trading this morning.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Amazon is showing its dominance yet again, this time on the stock market.

The online retailer traded above $1,000 per share—Amazon reached the milestone this morning. This is a big bounce back after the company’s 52-week low of $682.12.

Just 14 other U.S. stocks (including Berkshire Hathaway and Samsung) trade above $1,000 per share, and Amazon is four times more valuable than all of them combined. It’s also one of only two S&P 500 tech companies that trade that high; Priceline is the other.

What makes Amazon’s achievement especially notable is that it has both lots of shares outstanding and a high stock price, increasing its value.

Google parent Alphabet, which was Amazon’s main rival in the race to $1,000, is currently trading at around $933.

Amazon Stock Hits $1,000 a Share