This Denim Workshop Will Customize Any Item in Bergdorf Goodman

But the shop has a major focus on denim

Now that the skinny jean is officially on the outs and more original shapes of denim have emerged as the must-have blues, it comes as no surprise that customized denim has gone from being a luxury item to an absolute necessity. After all, why not wear a jacket that promotes your Instagram handle? Or don a pair of jeans with a hand painted creation that’s intricate enough to be framed?

That’s why it’s becoming easier than ever to put a personal touch on your denim, whether that’s a pair of culottes, a chambray shirt or even a vest. Atelier Notify, a design workshop on Bergdorf Goodman‘s fifth floor, has emerged as a leader in this type of custom work. They have the capability to laser print, embroider, stud, paint and arrange patches on any piece of denim purchased in the store. Actually, anything bought in Bergdorf Goodman can be customized, in an infinite number of ways, by Atelier Notify. Yes, you can buy a Valentino bag and have it studded to your liking or put your own touch on that new Tibi dress.

But that’s not all. Customers can actually work with the workshop’s tailors to create a pair of made-to-measure jeans, which are customized down to the wash, the stitching and even the buttons.

“In a world of mass market and fast fashion, I think people are looking more and more for personal and unique,” said Atelier Notify’s CEO and founder, Maurice Ohayon. “The idea [for this workshop] came from a desire to share with our customers a truly special experience, and to also demonstrate the brand’s expertise.” In fact, the brand’s denim knowledge spans all the way back to 2003, when Atelier Notify was founded. They’ve become synonymous with luxurious denim in Europe and now have their eye set on the U.S.

This Bergdorf Goodman outpost is the only Atelier Notify location in the United States; the other locations are at the brand’s flagship in Milan and at Le Bon Marché in Paris. Watch the video to see how Atelier Notify created the jeans of Observer’s dreams.

This Denim Workshop Will Customize Any Item in Bergdorf Goodman