Debbie Wasserman Schultz Needs to Mind Her Own Business

Former DNC chair should take her own advice: 'MYOB'

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Former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is fully embracing the divisiveness of the Democratic Party. As she continues to shamelessly attack Bernie Sanders and progressives, the former co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign makes zero effort to mask how she feels about Sanders and his supporters.

On May 2, CNN reported Wasserman Schultz attacked Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren for criticizing Barack Obama over a speech he’s scheduled to give to a Wall Street firm for $400,000. Sanders’ and Warren’s criticisms have little to do with the amount of money Obama will earn, but rather the source of the funding. Wall Street firms make the rich even richer, and when their greed and recklessness ran the economy into the ground in 2008 they were rewarded with bailouts. Working and middle class Americans, on the other hand, were abandoned—and many have yet to recover. No current or former public official has any business allying with these entities.

“It is none of anyone’s business what someone, who is a member of the private sector, decides to accept in terms of compensation,” Wasserman Schultz told CNN’s Erin Burnett. “With all due respect to anyone who chooses to comment publicly on what Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or anyone earns as a member of the private sector. It’s just, like, MYOB—it’s none of your business.” Wasserman Schultz then went on to misrepresent Obama‘s and Clinton’s records on Wall Street. “They both fought back against the big banks, and their practices, and I have every confidence in the service they both provided.”

In fact, under Obama, big banks—their size, assets and profits—dramatically increased. Following the 2008 economic recession, none were prosecuted for their corrupt activities that caused the American economy to bottom out. Wasserman Schultz deliberately defends Clinton and Obama in the same breath—in a transparent attempt to rehabilitate Clinton by aligning her with Obama.

Wasserman Schultz’s remarks also raise the issue as to why CNN or other mainstream media outlets are interviewing her in the first place. Under her leadership as DNC chair, the Democratic Party was run into the ground with disastrous 2014 midterm election losses. Wasserman Schultz resigned in embarrassment and disgrace as DNC chair, after overtly using the DNC to tip the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primaries. Yet the Clinton campaign rewarded Wasserman Schultz for her loyalty, immediately hiring her as honorary co-chair of the Clinton campaign’s 50-State Program. Even in that role, Wasserman Schultz failed miserably, as the Clinton campaign virtually forgot that Wisconsin and Michigan existed. And now CNN is giving her a platform.

The Democratic establishment’s continued embrace of Wasserman Schultz is a stark reminder of how corrupt the Party remains. Leaders including Obama, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi have endorsed  Wasserman Schultz and campaigned on her behalf, elevating her as a spokesperson for the Democratic Party since Clinton’s election loss. There’s no place for Wasserman Schultz in a Democratic Party that has any intention of winning again—but Democrats would rather reward those loyal to the establishment than make any adjustments that might rifle the status quo. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Needs to Mind Her Own Business