Finn Spent the Night at Poe’s House Last Night, Guys

There’s a new Vanity Fair on the newsstands with four covers featuring  everybody’s favorite space cowboys.

First, we have Rey and this grizzled weirdo in a cloak who goes by Luke :

Friends! Vanity Fair

Next, we have a trio of attractive space Nazis, with Domhnall Gleeson showing off the most extreme hair part known to man:

BUDDIES! Vanity Fair

Then, we get a heartwrenching solo portrait of our fallen princess:

:'( Vanity Fair


And finally, this gang of fun rapscallions:

Ahhh Vanity Fair

But let’s look a little closer at the former Storm Trooper, Finn, played by John Boyega, shall we?

ENHANCE Vanity Fair

We know he’s in Poe’s jacket—Poe gave him the jacket in Force Awakens because it suited him (we know.)

But what about the rest of his clothing. From Wookiepedia, here’s a pic of our rugged, death-defying pilot in civilian attire:

Hmmmm Wookiepedia

That’s a nice tan, open-v neck shirt you got there. And some nice slate-colored pants. And… a really great flat sheet-metal belt. I guess if someone were to stay the night and need something to wear, he could borrow all of that.

ENHANCE Vanity Fair

*Poe looks over sleepily from the rumpled sheets. Finn picks up Poe’s shirt and belt from the floor, and sheepishly holds them up, silently asking if he can borrow them. Poe just rolls his eyes and smiles at his boyfriend who still has to ask to wear his clothes even after two years of dating. When Finn emerges from the bathroom (he still changes in the bathroom, no matter how many times Poe has insisted he’s already seen what he looks like naked), Poe smiles. “Keep it,” Poe says. He knows how much clothes mean to Finn after so long in his stormtrooper uniform. “Keep it all. It suits you.”*

Finn Spent the Night at Poe’s House Last Night, Guys