Don’t Worry, Harry Styles Is Here to Save Us All


Have you heard former 1D-er Harry Styles’ solo single, ‘Sign of the Times’? It’s actually pretty great, if I’m being honest. It sounds a bit like if David Bowie was just an above-average musician and not also a genius extraterrestrial from a distant solar system where they use sex as currency and the power of love lifts rockets. It’s a good song, is what I’m saying. But anyway, Styles released a music video today in which the sheer emotion of asking “Why are we always stuck and running from the bullets? (The bullets?)” lifts him from the field where they usually film Game of Thrones and carries him, swan-like, across oceans and over mountains.

It’s quite dumb.

Or is it? I’ve been going back and forth on this pretty much since I woke up this morning and a young British lad floated past my bedroom window laughing joyously at the wonder of it all. I mean, yes, the sight of Harry Styles whooshing across grassland looking like the love-child of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes and Allison Williams’ Peter Pan is objectively silly. Especially when he opts not to fly, per se, but just hangs there like the space ships in Arrival, but sexier.

This following image is especially funny to me.

But it’s also perhaps the most genuinely uplifting thing I’ve watched since whatever New York sewer animal was last caught on tape eating a slice of pizza. This video is ridiculous and a bit pretentious and a lot self-serious but it also might save us all? If you distilled all five minutes and 41 seconds and blended it with those photos of Millie Bobby Brown meeting Emma Watson at the MTV Movie Awards I’m pretty sure the result would be a rainbow shooting into the clouds like every superhero sky-beam ever but instead of ending the world it would end, like, social injustice.

God, this video is so stupid. Oh man but look at this part:

Is Harry Styles flying into the sun? Is this whole thing a metaphor for how Styles went big with his first non-One-Direction song because he needed to—no, we needed him to—but he fears that, like the mythological Icarus before him, he may have spread his wings too close to the sun too fast and now he’ll plummet to Earth in a beautiful sparkling ball of flame and perfectly coifed hair? Dear lord, is that us? Are we all Harry Styles, soaring blindly inside wool coats that quite frankly hang a little too long on us, blissfully unaware of things like gravity, or physics, or worries until the video ends and this great streaming device we call “life” autoplays the new Lorde song? Is THAT the sign of the times?

I mean…probably? Yeah, that’s probably it. Fly on, Harry Styles. Fly on.

Don’t Worry, Harry Styles Is Here to Save Us All