‘La La Land’/’Moonlight’ Mashup Proves ‘Honest Trailers’ Is the Best YouTube Series

Parody at its finest

If you’re a movie fan, chances are one of your favorite YouTube series is Honest Trailers. These videos, which are an offshoot of the popular online movie magazine Screen Junkies, satirize trailers to show what the movie is “really” about. The Honest Trailer videos on the Screen Junkies YouTube channel have amassed over 1.6 billion views.

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While the series started in 2012 as a tribute to comic book movies, lately creators Andy Signore and Brent Weiner have branched out to parody prestige pictures. For example, over the past couple of years the channel has released an Honest Trailer about the Oscar nominees—and this year’s may have been their best yet, dubbing Arrival “Squid Words,” Fences “Actors” and Manchester by the Sea “a nonstop grief train to Sadsville.”

But that’s nothing compared to the latest Honest Trailers masterpiece, posted online this week.

The video starts off with a basic summary of La La Land as “a story of passion, love and ditching all that stuff when your career takes off” and Los Angeles as a place where “gridlock is just a chance to free a jazz quartet from human traffickers.”

He’s got a point there. YouTube

It also lampoons the characters’ disregard for “the jobs that pay them to live” and “the 14 people on this email chain she (Emma Stone) didn’t bcc.”

Damn it, Emma! YouTube

But right as you’re getting into the groove of the La La Land lampoon, the narrator says “Guys, guys, I’m sorry. There’s been a huge mistake. Moonlight, you guys are this week’s Honest Trailer.”

That’s right, Honest Trailers is taking on Oscars Envelope-Gate. And if you’re thinking “why did it them two months to do this,” trust me, it’s worth the wait.

The video then goes on to summarize the plot of Moonlight to the tune of La La Land‘s “Another Day of Sun.” It’s definitely a risky proposition—even the narrator asks “Are we really gonna do this” before diving in. But it’s amazing. Here’s how it starts:

“I think about that night
I got a sandy handy
From my friend in the moonlight”

For more, watch the video above. And never change, Honest Trailers.

‘La La Land’/’Moonlight’ Mashup Proves ‘Honest Trailers’ Is the Best YouTube Series