How to Flaunt Wealth on Social Media: 14 Rules From Russia’s Richest Kids

What happens when you have more money than you can spend

Most of the people who live in Russia are struggling to survive on incredibly modest salaries, and, according to 2016 statistics, almost 20 million Russians are living below the poverty line, earning less than $139 a month. At the same time, Moscow has the third largest number of billionaires globally (a drop from first place in 2013), which means that the country has one of the most severe wealth gaps in the entire world.

Now, granted, America has its own generation of trust fund babies whose antics are well-documented on the Rich Kids of Instagram account.

But, to be honest, their displays of champagne-guzzling and yacht-sunbathing pale in comparison to the extra adventures of The Russian Rich Kids of Instagram, who prefer to indulge in a hitherto unseen level of splendor.

We’ve written about this anonymous account and the controversy behind it before, but given that Russia’s elite are in the news once more, it might be worthwhile to go over some *light* rules for being an insanely privileged Russian teen/young adult.

If your pool doesn’t overlook a greater body of water, then it really doesn’t count.

Be careful when exiting your private jet after a weekend getaway.

But bring pizza and beer on your private jet because, you know, you don’t want to be too out-of-touch.

Who knew Putin even did selfies?

There’s no such thing as “too many watches” or “too much champagne.”

Sunbathing must be topless.

Swimsuit bottoms must be thongs.

Thigh-high suede boots are a must. Bonus points if they are a crazy color.

Make your boyfriend carry all of the shopping bags because, really, that’s the only reason he’s there.

If your bouquet isn’t 10 times her size, then it’s not really love.

Make sure your yacht’s name is an accurate representation of who you are.

All selfies must be butt selfies.

If you do show your face in a photo, never EVER smile.  

Most importantly: there is no such thing as too much gold.

How to Flaunt Wealth on Social Media: 14 Rules From Russia’s Richest Kids