Human Piece of Garbage Posts Worst Possible Take on the Manchester Terror Attack

'The last time I listened to Ariana Grande I almost died too'

A police officer ties police crime scene tape close to the Manchester Arena on May 23 in Manchester, England. An explosion occurred at Manchester Arena as concert goers were leaving the venue after Ariana Grande had performed. Greater Manchester Police have confirmed 19 fatalities and at least 50 injured. Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Twenty-two people (including an 8-year-old girl) were killed in a terrorist bombing last night at Manchester Arena in England following an Ariana Grande concert—ISIS has claimed responsibility, and a suspect has been arrested. Social media has been filled with messages of support for the victims and frantic pleas to help find those missing.

And then there was David Leavitt.

The freelance writer for outlets like CBS, AXS and Yahoo was widely criticized for posting these tweets when the attack news broke:

Wow. Twitter

While the initial tweet has been deleted, the latter two are still up.

Leavitt dug himself an even deeper hole when he tried to apologize and then asked the haters to donate to charity:

Leavitt’s latest tactic is to feel sorry for himself, which unsurprisingly is not going over well:

Several outlets which Leavitt has written for are now attempting to distance themselves from him:

All of the stories Leavitt wrote for a CBS Boston affiliate have been deleted from its site—the link to his author page now redirects to the CBS homepage.

Yahoo did not respond to an Observer request for comment on Leavitt’s employment status. Leavitt also did not respond to a request for comment.

Human Piece of Garbage Posts Worst Possible Take on the Manchester Terror Attack