Morocco’s Oasis Might Actually Rival Fyre Fest

The Marrakech EDM festival boasts camel rides and flower crowns —and it actually exists.

Is this the real life Fyre Fest? Oasis Festival/Instagram

If you were one of the unlucky few who purchased Fyre Fest tickets in hopes of a weekend of debauchery and Instagram options, there’s still time to find a summer fest worthy of posting about. Morocco’s Oasis Festival might be the answer to your prayers—so there’s no need to exchange your failed fest tickets for VIP ones.

Sure, the festival’s line-up boasts acts you’ve probably never heard of, who all sound like SNL‘s Stefon would discuss them, including DJ Stingray, Pantha Du Prince and Dr. Rubinstein, who shockingly is a DJ and not your childhood dentist. But everyone knows it’s not the lineup that matters. It’s the endless opportunities for that perfect picture.

The festival is in Marrakech this September, with views of the Sahara desert and the coastlines. While Fyre Fest offered boating (although the closest thing to a boat ended up being the tarp tents), Oasis has photo op ready camel rides in the desert. But don’t worry about spending the night in a USAID tent. Ticket packages start at $228, and offer hotel rooms, not FEMA tents.

Unlike Fyre, this festival has already been held in the past, with an Instagram full of flower crowns and camels to prove it actually exists. Maybe Ja Rule can stop by if he’s still looking for some festival season cred. Sure, there’s no Blink 182, but there also won’t be any bologna sandwiches.

Morocco’s Oasis Might Actually Rival Fyre Fest