Moshe Kasher Trolled an Internet Troll on ‘Problematic’

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If you don’t know who Mike Cernovich is, consider yourself lucky. He’s one of the main voices of the alt-right moment, a fountain of nationalistic rhetoric, #MAGA slogans, conspiracy theories, and bad memes. And last night, he sat down with comedian Moshe Kasher for the series finale of his show Problematic with Moshe Kasher.

After a brief introductory discussion on the difference between a “cuck” and a “beta,” Kasher showed Cernovich why mediocre failed satirists shouldn’t really turn to trolling for attention. You might get an audience in the short term, but eventually, someone will reveal just how hollow and meaningless all your ranting really is. Moshe Kasher Trolled an Internet Troll on ‘Problematic’