The Dumbest Tweet of 2017 Is This Reaction to ‘Murder on the Orient Express’

Rebecca Theodore was mercilessly trolled on Twitter after asking about the lack of diversity in Kenneth Branagh's new film.

Today Entertainment Weekly shared a behind-the-scenes look at Murder on the Orient Express, which will be released November 10. The mystery, an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic 1934 book and the beloved 1974 film, stars Kenneth Branagh, Johnny Depp, Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz and Leslie Odom Jr, among others.

But according to EW contributor Rebecca Theodore, there’s one problem with the new film:


In an era where diversity in film has become a hot button topic, Theodore’s sentiment rings true. But many people took issue with its lack of historical accuracy: The customers on the Orient Express were largely wealthy and white—there were certainly Asians who worked for British people in the 1930s, but they were mostly bodyguards or servants who wouldn’t have an active role in this movie. And the first Orient Express film didn’t feature any Asian people either.

Most of the comments weren’t concerned with history, however—they were just plain snarky:

The responses to the tweet also prove yet again the truth of the Twitter “ratio“: If there are more replies on a given tweet than likes and retweets, that means the tweet was truly controversial. Indeed, as of this writing the tweet has 141 retweets, 202 likes and 652 comments.

Too bad Theodore’s point got lost in a sea of Twitter trolls.

The Dumbest Tweet of 2017 Is This Reaction to ‘Murder on the Orient Express’