This Trump Subreddit Doesn’t Get How the Popular Vote Works, in France or the US

R/The_Donald was upset about Emmanuel Macron's French election win, but the rest of the internet rejoiced

President-elect Emmanuel Macron of France. Twitter

Centrist Emmanuel Macron trounced far right candidate Marine Le Pen in yesterday’s French elections, winning 66 percent of the vote. His victory was seen as a triumph over the nationalism that propelled Donald Trump into office and led to the Brexit vote.

Except, of course, on everyone’s favorite subreddit, r/The_Donald.

The forum, which released a “cuck tracking” Chrome extension and plotted to kill Will Smith, among other schemes, is up in arms over Macron’s election win. And one commenter succinctly explained why:

This is totally unfair! Reddit

It was “impossible for Le Pen to win, simply because most people didn’t want her to.” Funny how that works.

To be fair, this redditor is used to the American election system, which utilizes the electoral college—voters choose a slate of “electors” for their state, who are pledged to vote for whichever candidate wins there. As such, there is sometimes a disconnect between the popular vote and the 538 electors. That was definitely the case during the 2016 election, in which Hillary Clinton got almost three million more votes than Donald Trump and yet did not win the presidency.

So Trump fans love the electoral college—indeed, one redditor wrote that France was “fucked, doomed, lost and cucked” because it didn’t use that system.

But just about everyone else prefers the popular vote. This was proven once r/The_Donald’s Macron beef made its way to Reddit’s front page under the heading “Top Mind finds a flaw with the popular vote.” Among the funniest comments:

  • “You mean a group with a sizable reactionary component is cultivating anti-democratic sentiment? I’m absolutely shocked.”
  • “The French election was rigged! They only let FRENCH CITIZENS VOTE!?!??!?”
  • “Personally, I think online trolls should decide European elections, not these cuck citizens.”
  • “Votes from grain silos, tumbleweeds and statues of Confederate soldiers evidently count more than votes from human beings who live in areas where there are lots of other human beings.”

It wasn’t just on Reddit, either—many commenters on Twitter applauded France for not only using the popular vote, but also holding its election on the weekend so more people could participate.

The French media also ignored Wikileaks’ email dump of alleged Macron correspondence, since it would “harm the validity of the ballot.” That obviously didn’t happen during the American election.

Fittingly, however, Clinton herself got the last word:

Looks like r/The_Donald’s rhetoric hasn’t fully penetrated the internet yet. This Trump Subreddit Doesn’t Get How the Popular Vote Works, in France or the US