Stephen Amell Crushes ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Course, Is IRL Superhero

So, I have never actually seen Arrow but I am a fan of abs. And so even though I’ve never watched the show, I am very familiar with the concept of Stephen Amell. For reference, this is Stephen Amell and his abs:


Stephen Amell decided to just prove to the world that he’s not airbrushed by competing on the America Ninja Warrior course for Red Nose Day.  And when I say “competing on,”  I mean completely dominating. Guy literally does not break a sweat. When he (spoiler alert) finishes the course, he isn’t even out of breath—he has a full on conversation with the hosts and then wants to show off on the salmon ladder which apparently is a thing Oliver Queen does to train on the show.

Turns out, Arrow has managed to stay on the air this long through the sheer force of Stephen Amell’s core strength.

Watching this video is enthralling. I am hypnotized. It is like watching an Olympic athlete. Can Stephen Amell represent America in every event? I am embarrassed for anyone who ever competes on American Ninja Warrior from now on. They have weeks—months even—to train. This guy is an actor and he makes it look so easy I wouldn’t be surprised if NBC just does away with this entire course and comes up with a completely new one. Stephen Amell Crushes ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Course, Is IRL Superhero