Travel in Style With the Most Luxurious Suitcases Money Can Buy

Leather luggage might be pricey, but it will certainly impress everyone else in the first class lounge

Here’s how to travel in style. Courtesy Soul of Nomad

It’s common knowledge that the chore of packing and unpacking is truly the worst part of embarking on a trip. But there’s one thing that could be worse: showing up for a lavish vacation with friends, toting along an old suitcase that is tattered, torn and definitely not cute. You just might be the laughing stock of your shared private jet.

This year, invest your funds in a carry-on that exudes your net-worth…or at least the net-worth you want to have. For work trips, rolling around a pricey trolly will let your colleagues know that you mean business and know the value of necessary luxury goods. Even when embarking on a trek abroad with pals, consider these high quality valises to be a major conversation piece among strangers and acquaintances alike. Plus, they tend to come with elevated features that ensure a smooth and effortless trip.

A tasteful bag translates in any language, whether your destination is Montauk, Ibiza or Stockholm. Here are our favorite picks for luxe travel accessories that will go the extra mile.

Louis Vuitton Horizon 50, $3,700, Call 1-866-884-8866. Louis Vuitton

It’s not as obvious as the monogrammed suitcases from Louis Vuitton, but this fiery orange number will still turn heads.

Globe-Trotter Special 21″ Trolley Case, $1,640, Nordstrom

For a retro vibe, with all the modern features you need, Globe-Trotter is the best bet. Plus, it’s the epitome of chic.

Soul of Nomad Sand Dune Voyager-1, $4,500, Courtesy Soul of Nomad

This quilted, made in Italy suitcase is rather exclusive; the Silicon Valley based brand, Soul of Nomad, will only produce 100 of them. Especially for those traveling for work, it’s a chic way to roll from the airport to the boardroom in style.

Valextra Trolley, $5,975, Valextra

This handsome Valextra trolly is made from luscious calfskin and has a carbon fibre handle; the white hot hue is obviously ideal for weekend getaway in the summer.

Gucci GG Blooms Carry-On, $3,350, Gucci

It’s certain that no one else in the first class lounge will confuse this Gucci GG Blooms bag with their own boring black valise. And for guilt-free travel, this luxe case is made with a material that has a low environmental impact.

Ghurka Chestnut Leather Rolling Luggage, $1,396.50, Ghurka

Not only will the caramel-colored leather of this Ghurka bag age extremely well, but the interior is lined with the most delightful gingham pattern.

Monster Eyes Canvas & Leather Trolley Suitcase, $3,950, Neiman Marcus

Travel can go from fun to a nightmare in mere moments. But an eyeful of this Fendi number (pun intended), at least you can depend on your luggage for a laugh.

Thom Browne Leather Trolley Suitcase with Tricolor Stripes, $5,500, Bergdorf Goodman

Even those who aren’t devotees of Thom Browne’s iconic look (cropped trousers, slim suits and the tell-tale red, white and blue stripe decal) will appreciate his take on luggage. Plus, the pebbled leather of this roll-on will weather well through many trips around the globe.

Berluti Formula 1004 Full-Grain Leather Suitcase, $5,050, MR PORTER

If you are going to go for an all-black suitcase, might as well make it this one from Berluti, which features a delightful stripe of perfectly aged leather. Black and brown have never looked so chic together.

Travel in Style With the Most Luxurious Suitcases Money Can Buy