Alexander Wang Is Bringing #WangFest to the NYC Pride March

The designer has teamed up with an unlikely partner: Trojan condoms.

Alexander Wang and Bella Hadid. Getty Images

As the New York City Pride March winds its way through Midtown to the West Village this Sunday afternoon, Alexander Wang is offering the crowd a word of advice: Protect Your Wang. Seriously, that’s the name of the designer’s partnership with Trojan condoms. The unlikely duo has joined forces to offer a chic and cheeky reminder to practice safe sex by using condoms.

To do so, Wang and Trojan designed an all-black float, which will debut at this weekend’s parade. According to a press release, the “circular design artistically brings to life a Trojan condom,” although Wang told Vogue that he wanted his float to be reminiscent of a party bus.

“Everyone knows I love a party bus,” Wang told the glossy. “Usually things are quite hidden and veiled, and the idea was just exposing everything inside.” Those visible features include a stripper pole and a DJ booth, the latter of which will be manned by DJ Jesse Marco. Surely Wang and his entourage of supermodel BFFs will take a spin or two on the stripper pole.

Wang’s aptly titled float for Pride. Courtesy MATTE Projects

Additionally, there will be Trojan ambassadors walking alongside the float, handing out condoms and temporary tattoos, while reminding bystanders to have a safe Pride weekend. They will all be decked out in Wang-designed t-shirts while doing their part to educate the public on how to minimize the risk of contracting an STD or an STI.

“I felt this partnership with Trojan was a positive way to reinforce the message of inclusion and promote wellness within the LGBTQ community,” Wang said in a statement. “I feel proud to be able to celebrate our differences and remind everyone to ‘Protect Your Wang.'” Surely that’s a message we can all try and remember.

Alexander Wang Is Bringing #WangFest to the NYC Pride March