Bright Pink Lipstick Takes a Stand for Planned Parenthood

All proceeds from The Lipstick Lobby’s ‘Kiss My Pink’ will fund the nonprofit


Lip Art Photo: The Lipstick Lobby

The creators at The Lipstick Lobby have taken the fight for women’s reproductive rights beyond demonstrations and into the beauty biz with a bright, matte lip color called ‘Kiss My Pink.’ The vegan, cruelty free lipstick is priced at $19 and the brand that fights social injustice will donate 100% of net profits to Planned Parenthood.

The initiative was born out of the need to simply take action, get involved, and empower women. “We were hearing from creators within our community that people wanted to speak out and do something to show their solidarity,” explained Davida Hall, Vice President, Lifestyle Content at Studio71, a global content company responsible for The Lipstick Lobby. “We decided to create a bold statement lipstick to represent our collective voices coming together and supporting women’s right to choice,” she added.

The Lipstick Lobby has collaborated with a number of social media influencers to create buzz around the issues they support who also feature in its viral campaign video. “The brand is a tremendous collaboration of empowered women—along with a strong showing of supportive men—who donated their time and talent to help launch KISS MY PINK,” said Hall. The decision to let social media stars be the face of the campaign stemmed from the desire to have the “strongest voices in social media best suited to influence positive change.” Instagram and Youtube stars such as Salice Rose and “Shameless Maya” all are a part of the campaign and appear wearing the lip color with words such as “Shameless” and “I stand with PP” painted across their lips.

Salice Rose Photo: The Lipstick Lobby

Choosing pink as the debut shade was also strategic in signifying the brand’s commitment to women’s causes, said Hall. The color remains iconic for its association with female healthcare issues such as breast cancer. The creators believe that it also makes a jarring statement and “is a complex and vibrant shade designed to flatter a diversity of skin tones and pigmentations.”

The Lipstick Lobby aims to launch new shades of lipsticks in the coming weeks. Gloria Steinem recently came forward to support the initiative through a social media post and a number of other activists have praised the campaign. “So many talented individuals contributed their time and skills to the campaign, from the social media stars and models who are helping spread the word to the behind-the-scenes crew of photographers, designers, producers and more,” said Hall. “We’re thrilled KISS MY PINK is receiving such an enthusiastic response because the more we sell the more we can donate to Planned Parenthood!”

“Wearing this lipstick is a reminder that small actions can create big waves. It’s a simple way to speak up and speak out against the threats to women’s freedoms and health care posed by the Trump administration.” Advocates the website.

To register your support for the brand and Planned Parenthood, invest in a ‘Kiss My Pink’ lipstick available to buy at The Lipstick Lobby.

Bright Pink Lipstick Takes a Stand for Planned Parenthood