How to Workout in Los Angeles Like MADE’s Jenné Lombardo

How does a New York girl navigate the West Coast fitness scene?

Follow Jenné’s tips for staying fit on the road. Instagram

If you’ve ever stumbled across MADE Fashion Week co-founder Jenné Lombardo on Instagram, you’ve no doubt picked up on the fact that she’s extremely dedicated to working out. As in, she’s the kind of person who works out once in the morning and again in the evening.

Basically, she has the summer body—cut abs and all—that you’ve been trying to achieve since April.

She’s also total #careergoals, as she’s also the founder of The Terminal Presents, a branding and marketing firm; both of her gigs require her to travel quite a bit. And we all know that even the most well-intentioned fitness plan tends to fall to the wayside the moment you step foot off the plane.

But that’s not the case for Lombardo, as she makes sure to maintain her fitness goals while on the road. Most recently, she was in Los Angeles for MADE LA, where she made sure to eat clean, show up to her fitness classes and visit her favorite wellness destination. Here are Lombardo’s must-visit spots for staying healthy while on the road in the City of Angels.

LA is also good for poolside lounging. Instagram

The best workout studio: This trip I’m staying at The Standard Hollywood, so I love to take Angela Davis’ SoulCycle classes at the West Hollywood studio; she’s such an amazingly inspiring instructor.

Runner-up workout spots: Equinox, Barry’s Bootcamp and Body by Simone are some of my top workout spots in LA. I also really look forward to hikes, as I don’t get to do that in New York.

Failproof workout motivation: We prebook classes to ensure as much as possible that I’m continuing my normal routine. Plus, it’s easy when I come to LA because I’m up earlier here and it’s so beautiful out, so you’re motivated to get a jumpstart on the day.

Local workout buddies: I went to an awesome HIIT class with my good friend Mickey Schiff, which prevented me from going on a hike with my other friend Travis Mills. When I’m here, a lot of times we’ll meet up to workout, as opposed to New York, where we meet for drinks.

Lombardo swaps out shiny leggings for bike shorts on the West Coast. Instagram

West Coast workout gear: Workout shorts aren’t something I necessarily feel comfortable walking around in in New York, but I’m certain to bring a few pair when I come to LA.

Best healthy dishes in town: The Mediterranean bowl from Real Food Daily and the fish tacos from Tocaya Organica!

Must-have cheat food: I’m a big fan of Sunset Tower for martinis, oysters, and french fries.

You must have a favorite health food store: Erewhon [for] breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve never left spending less than $75.  I cut out meat and dairy a year ago, so their buffalo cauliflower wings are absolute heaven! I usually head there straight from the airport when I land.

Can’t miss wellness indulgence: I love Next Health for IV drips, B12 boosters and cryotherapy. How to Workout in Los Angeles Like MADE’s Jenné Lombardo