Lyft Launches Pride Fundraiser and Donates 100K to LGBTQ Causes

Now you can donate the spare change from your ride to the HRC

Lyft is joining in on Pride month with an effort to raise money for LGBTQ efforts.

On Wednesday, the rideshare company announced it’s adding the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to its Round Up & Donate campaign, an effort that’s allowed users to round up their fares to the nearest dollar and donate to a cause. Prior to this, that was the United Service Organization, but now users can also choose to donate to the HRC.

“In an effort to end stigma and discrimination, Pride celebrates LGBTQ+ identity, visibility, and diversity,” reads the announcement on Lyft’s blog. “And while every Lyft ride is a place to be yourself, share your stories and ride out loud, we know that’s not the case for everyone, everywhere. So this year, we want to harness our community’s potential in support of the Human Rights Campaign with Round Up & Donate.”

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The post says the company is doing what it can to inspire “small, meaningful action,” but Lyft is making a big gesture of support on its own as well. The company has pledged to donate $100,000 in rides to LGBTQ group, including $50,000 going to the HRC.

To enable the program and send the difference between your ride and the next dollar to support LGBTQ causes, just go to “settings” in your Lyft app. Tap “Round Up & Donate,” select the HRC and then click “start donating.”

Lyft Launches Pride Fundraiser and Donates 100K to LGBTQ Causes